Remote e-Learning

e-Learning Guidance Document

Please download and read this booklet carefully, as it has everything that you need to get started with Crickhowell High School e-Learning. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view this.

Student e-learning Resources Folder

Students can access resources from the Student SharePoint area:

Please note that the content on the Student SharePoint area can only be viewed by a student once they have signed in using their school email address.

Mindfulness Pack

Please download the Mindfulness Pack which we encourage students to look at. There are printable sheets in the pack, or students can edit/work on them through a device.

Reset Go4Schools Password

If you are having issues getting into Go4Schools, you can reset your password using the below guide:

Keep up-to-date with SCHOOP

Please subscribe to our official communication service Schoop.  Please follow these instructions on how to use this service. 

Our Schoop ID is 20521

IT Service Status

Update Monday 23rd March

Issue: Students Unable to access App.
Update: Developers have made some changes today to address the performance issues.  They will monitor in the coming days to see if there are other improvements they can make.
Issue: Unable to upload files to Teams.
Update: Microsoft are reporting general service degradation for Teams.  Please try again (maybe when it would be a bit quieter).
Issue: Reports of students unable to access HAP+
Update: We are currently investigating