Platinum Eco Schools Award

We are pleased to announce that Crickhowell High School recently attained the Platinum Eco Schools Award.  This comes as a culmination of other awards that the school has achieved and as a direct result of our school’s commitment to the eco values.

Our ‘Save the Oceans’ project, which ran in the last half term of last year, was instrumental in raising awareness amongst pupils about the urgent global issue of ocean conservation with an emphasis on plastic pollution. It ended with a beach clean which really enlightened pupils, with many reporting they were previously unaware the problem was this close to home.  Our new water fountains mean that a higher number of pupils than ever are opting to fill and refill a reusable water bottle as opposed to purchasing a drink in a single-use plastic container, and the canteen no longer uses plastic cups, having switched to a biodegradable alternative.  We also held a campaign on climate change this summer term in which we made everyone aware of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. 

Other notable projects include last year’s endeavour to increase biodiversity around the school through the installation of bird feeders, which we hope to continue this year, and the regular litter picks held by the Eco Committee and other volunteers who are devoted to ensuring that the school grounds are free of waste.

Since being presented with the award, we have continued to achieve and plan ways to make the school more eco-friendly. We are going to investigate the installation of additional thermostatic radiator valves, so that we can turn off or reduce the heat given off in each room if the temperature is sufficient. This will help to reduce our carbon footprint in accordance with the theme of last half term. We have also been looking into ways to broaden the healthy options available in our canteen, such as by introducing a greater range of fruit. 

Olivia Bird,

Vice Chair of the Eco Commitee