CHS Students in 2017 Canoe Polo Youth Team of the Year

Brecon Canoe Club Canoe Polo Youth Team were recently voted the winners of the 2017 Canoe Wales Award for Team of the Year.

The team includes Crickhowell High School students Zachary Dunne and Josh Davies, as well as a couple of ex-students, Dan and Sam Davis.

The judges were very impressed by the team’s excellent results, strong team ethic and the hard work put into ensuring the team continues to grow and develop.

Here’s what their club had to say about the team in putting them forward for nomination:

“This team of 8 players were 2nd in the UK South West Region Junior Canoe Polo Tournament 2017, playing against well-established canoe polo clubs from across the South West of England and South Wales.  This mixed group of boys and girls aged 14 to 17  have been training and playing together for over 3 years against teams with a much higher average age.


This year, the team came into their own and, with access to only 90 minutes pool training per fortnight, played over 18 games successfully to be placed 2nd overall out of 16 teams.  They should be lauded not only for their team spirit, but also for the commitment they have had in coaching and supporting new team members at pool session training, helping to create a new generation of polo paddlers.   At times they have put their personal training to one side in order to play for the team.  Three team members have been in the Welsh Canoe Slalom squad and promoted to Premier Division Slalom during the course of 2017.   They now look forward to playing at National level for the first time, representing Brecon Canoe Club and Welsh Canoe Polo.  These teenagers set an example to younger Welsh paddlers at club level that commitment to others can breed both personal and team pride and success for now and the future.”