Summary from the Eco Committee

Summary from the Eco Committee, 1st May 2012

Over the last couple of months of the spring term, the Eco Committee have organised many fundraising and fun events and also have provided the school with many ideas for improvements.  This includes days such as Sport Relief which was a huge success and was a fun day for all. We’ve been working on the Fairtrade Award by selling Fairtrade produce on the Fairtrade stalls and selling raffle tickets during Fairtrade Fortnight. We also had an up-town walk to promote Fairtrade to businesses in the town.

We’ve also had a SNAG meeting which helped to decide on the slushy machine was has become incredibly popular.   Each slushy is made with only fruit juice and ice, with no added sugar or colourings and is a great way to get one of your ‘5 a day’.   Recently on the 1st of May, we got an email which notified that we have been accepted as a fair-trade school!  Overall, it has been a very successful and fun half term.

This term, we will now focus on aiming to achieve the International Schools Award and organising a successful visit for the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Martha Rolley, Press Officer of the Eco Committee