Summary from the Eco Committee

Summary from the Eco Committee, 1st May 2012

Over the last couple of months of the spring term, the Eco Committee have organised many fundraising and fun events and also have provided the school with many ideas for improvements.  This includes days such as Sport Relief which was a huge success and was a fun day for all. We’ve been working on the Fairtrade Award by selling Fairtrade produce on the Fairtrade stalls and selling raffle tickets during Fairtrade Fortnight. We also had an up-town walk to promote Fairtrade to businesses in the town.

We’ve also had a SNAG meeting which helped to decide on the slushy machine was has become incredibly popular.   Each slushy is made with only fruit juice and ice, with no added sugar or colourings and is a great way to get one of your ‘5 a day’.   Recently on the 1st of May, we got an email which notified that we have been accepted as a fair-trade school!  Overall, it has been a very successful and fun half term.

This term, we will now focus on aiming to achieve the International Schools Award and organising a successful visit for the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Martha Rolley, Press Officer of the Eco Committee

Summary of School Council

Summary from the School Council, 1st May 2012

Over this year the school council have contributed in many decisions to the school as a whole. New members were elected at the beginning of the year with a person from each form so that views from all areas of students could be taken in to account. We hold meetings every Friday during form/assembly time and we ask that as many of the members turn up as possible.

At the beginning of the spring term, the school council were involved in interviews for the new Deputy Head of the school. A few of the members were selected and we had to put together questions for the applicants and then give our views on each person at the end. Mr Ford was appointed the job and we all will welcome him to the school in September when his job will start.

As well as interviewing for the deputy head we have also held an interview for the new head of English. Again we came up with questions for the applicants and gave our views. As well as this the school council organises the non-uniform days and played a part in organising the Sport Relief day and will organise the non-uniform day for Mary’s meals in a few weeks. We hope to now look over the new school uniform and review it again over the course of this term.

Maya Fryer, Press Officer of the School Council

Environment Minster Presented Eco-Schools Platinum Award To Crickhowell High School

The Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development for Wales, Mr John Griffiths AM accepted the invitation to visit Crickhowell High School on Thursday, 10th May.   The Minister met with the Eco Committee, staff and governors and presented the school with the Platinum Award plaque for Eco Schools and saw firsthand the ethos of sustainability and citizenship.  The Minister praised the school for the wide range of schemes set up that provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, relating to the environment, well-being and community.

Crickhowell High School has been accredited with the Platinum Award for Eco Schools.  This is the highest accolade a school can achieve in the Eco Schools scheme and we are the first high school in Powys and only the second in the whole of Wales to have achieved this prestigious award.  The inspectors visited the school in 2011 and were so impressed by the ethos of sustainability and wellbeing that they also awarded us our 4th Healthy Schools Award.  Since being accredited with the Platinum Award, Crickhowell High School has been attending the National Eco Committee of Wales helping to share good practice and encourage others schools to become more sustainable.

We have strived to develop further since achieving the last set of awards and this academic year has already seen the introduction of our new picnic area, with 6 picnic tables and chairs made of recycled materials.  Crickhowell High is also delighted to have been once again working in partnership with Crickhowell Primary School, CRiC Centre, Crickhowell Police and members of the local community who took part in a series of litter picks as part of Tidy Wales Week in the autumn.  We have also held a range of whole school events so far in 2012, such as a special day for Sport Relief and a range of school and community events for Fairtrade Fortnight in the spring.

The Eco Committee are the team of pupil and staff representatives from Crickhowell High School who drive this process and their hard work and enthusiasm has been instrumental to our success.  Crickhowell High School would like to say thank you and well done to the Eco Committee, as well as all pupils, parents and staff at the school for achieving our ethos of sustainability.  We are thrilled to have had the honour of the Minister visiting us and would like to thank the whole community for their continued support, showing that together we really can make a difference.

Mark Jones, ESDGC Coordinator
Crickhowell High School