A Tribute to Isobel Mogg

Crickhowell High School would like to pay tribute to Isobel Mogg, who died on Friday 26th January 2018.
Our sincerest sympathy goes out to her family, friends and fellow students. Issie left our school last September to study medicine at New College, Oxford where she embraced life just as fully as she had at Crickhowell; taking up rowing and continuing to be a keen netballer, an exemplary student and a great friend to everyone who knew her.
There were many qualities that made Issie so special and loved; that tenacity, that quick sense of humour, her warmth and compassion, her remarkable sense of endeavour and that bright, sharp enquiring mind with which she was determined to do so much good.  We will continue to nurture those qualities in our school, in her name, and her legacy will remain a constant inspiration to all in our community.
We were very lucky to have Issie as a student at our school and her light will continue to burn brightly in our hearts and in our many lovely memories of her.
Jackie Parker