Year 7 Bulletin – May 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the May Bulletin which aims to provide you with information about what is happening for your child and dates of importance. I cannot believe we are on the final stretch of our current Year 7 going into Year 8; I do not know where the time has gone! It has been a pleasure to watch Year 7 develop into confident young people and settle in to school life which will set them for the path ahead.

Important Dates

  • Collapsed Day – Tuesday May 10th (more news to follow below)
  • Year 7 Parents Consultation Evening – Thursday May 19th (more news to follow below)
  • School breaks for Half Term Friday 27th May
  • Return to school Monday June 6th

Assembly Themes

  • w/c 2/5/16 Holocaust Remembrance Day (4th/5th)
  • w/c 9/5/16 Dylan Thomas/Welsh Authors (14th)
  • w/c 16/5/16 Family: International Day of Families (15th)
  • w/c 23/5/16 Spring and New Life

Collapsed Timetable Day

On Tuesday 10th May, Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9), will participate in a day of themed topics. Year 7 will be involved in cyber bullying and the misuse of technology. As you are aware from news items and stories relayed in local and national press, the tendency of young people to misuse social media, can lead to devastating consequences.  The day will consist of understanding the impact on young people’s mental health as a result of bullying, either via technology or face to face, building on skills to increase resilience and the legal implications if cyber bullying is taken to extreme. We will also cover the need to know who you are talking to as accepting friends of friends who you have not met, does not quantify them as ‘friends’.

Year 10 students will present a short dramatization of a cyber bullying story and Year 7 will then be tasked with creating their own dramatized version on a topic around cyber bullying which they will then present to the rest of the group in the afternoon.

As parents, you will no doubt know first-hand how much young people depend on their phones as their life line and how much they depend on them to communicate with their peers. Teaching them how to use them sensibly and safely is key to ensuring they do not place themselves, or others, at risk or harm and also to protect others who may be more susceptible to being treated as a victim of cyber bullying. It promises to be an interesting day and I am sure Year 7 will have a lot to add to the day based on their knowledge and usage of social media platforms.

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Year 7 students are coming towards the end of their first academic year in Crickhowell High School. They are now well-established members of the school community and their collective progression, as a year group, has been noticeable.

The entire school will be commencing the successive year’s academic timetable after the Whitsun half-term. This means that every year group will take a step-up to the next year – Year 7 will become Year 8 after Whitsun. As this is the first year of this change, Year 7 will continue with their work level as normal, but will simply become known as Year 8 early. The reason for this premature timetable change is to maximise and enhance the transition process from Year 9 to Year 10, allowing extended time for the GCSE qualifications. Our prospective Year 6 students will not be joining us until September.  In accordance with the timetable change, the first day back after Whitsun will involve students across all year groups being given new planners and new timetables during their form time.

Year 7 Parents Consultation Evening

Thursday May 19th we will be holding the Consultation Evening for Year 7 which will be your opportunity as parents and carers, to speak to teachers about your child’s progress. Following the recent issuing of Year 7 reports, you will be able to discuss in more detail matters that may concern you or conversely, discuss the positives.

You will see in the back of your child’s planner a page entitled ‘Appointments for Consultation Evening’. Your child can now start requesting individual appointments with teachers anytime from 4pm-7pm for 10th May. I would advise that you encourage your child to do this as soon as possible in order for you to get your appointments time of choice. As teachers are based in different parts of the school, I would recommend giving you 5 minutes between each appointment to allow yourself time to get from one place to another.  Teachers may have flexibility in their time during the evening though will of course have to be arranged mutually to suit both parties.

Due to the volume of people we expect during the evening, appointments cannot exceed 5 minutes and we would therefore appreciate your cooperation in this matter. You will be asked to sign in at the school entrance and there will be staff around who can assist you if you have any queries. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible and welcome feedback on the evening.

LEPRA Fundraising

On Tuesday 18th May, we have Gill Wilkinson from LEPRA, coming in to talk with Year 7 students. LEPRA is a UK registered charity that has existed for 90 years and Gill will talk to students about the impact that fund raising has had on educating and rehabilitating people’s lives affected by leprosy. Students will be asked to kindly fund raise for such a worthy cause and Gill will return in July to do a Zumba workout with the students as a way of saying thank you for their fund raising efforts.

We would encourage students to think of innovative ways in which they can fund raise, like help parents by cleaning their bedroom, help with recycling, and walk the dog; anything and everything to raise funds!   We look forward to working with Gill and are happy to be part of the fund raising efforts. If you wish to learn about the work of LEPRA, they can be found on

As stated in the opening paragraph of this Bulletin, I cannot believe this year has gone by so quickly. I hope that Year 7 look forward to the next term with the same enthusiasm they have shown so far.

As is always the case, please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any issues and if I am not the appropriate person to respond to your queries, it will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.

I look forward to meeting you on the Consultation Evening.

Carole Phillips

Progress Leader Year 7

Student Support & Child Protection Officer