Year 8 Bulletin – March 2016

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:
Week beginning 29th February – St. David’s Day/ Welsh Culture
Week beginning 7th March – International Women’s Day (8th)/No Smoking Day (9th)
Week beginning 14th March – International Day of Happiness

Easter Dates
Monday 21st March 2016 – Monday 4th April 2016
Students will start the term on Tuesday 5th April 2016

Our “Student Voice Platform” has now been in place for one month and we are confident that the additional opportunities for the students to disclose their feelings about the behaviour of others towards them, or others, is now more broad and encouraging. We truly value student voice and will always do what we can to ensure all of our young learners are happy and content. Connecting to this, our next Collapsed Timetable Day will take place on Wednesday 11th May and the focus will be ‘resilience’. With your son or daughter now being in Year 8, they are expected to mature and have a level of flexibility when it comes to friendship groups and resolving minor disputes. The day will provide them with positive techniques to manage situations and their own emotions, at a lower level

We have very recently appointed a very strong team of Sixth Form students to support the well-being of younger students. This includes two Student Presidents and a collection of Student Ambassadors and each of them will be trained in specific well-being areas, such as peer-mentoring, carrying out corridor duties and providing anti-bullying support. The Sixth Form students have gone through an extensive application process and have been selected because of their exceptional personal qualities. We feel that this a double bonus situation, for both the younger and older individuals. As always, however, Year 8 students will still have full access to any support from their Form Tutors and myself.

I have been notified of a range of brilliant projects, homework pieces and classwork tasks that Year 8 have been attending to. Individuals are clearly flourishing and working hard across their subjects, on most occasions. Time is going so fast and before we know it, Year 9 will be here.
We appreciate your support from home and continue to encourage the use of Show My Homework as an invaluable checking tool. If your son/daughter does not have a PIN (log-in) or if your son/daughter has joined us recently, please e-mail me and I will organise a new one:
The company sometimes take a few days to generate new PINs so please bear this in mind following any requests.

We continue to credit students for good/excellent attendance through the 100% Attendance Award. The most recent winners in Year 8 are as follows:

For week beginning 1st February
Alfie (8D)
Freya (8P)
For week beginning 8th February
Sam DJ (8C)
Eleanor C (8H)
For week beginning 22nd February
Emilia (8D)
Harri (8P)

These students have been praised hugely, along with all of those who have achieved 100% attendance over the weeks. There are a number of students who are also still in the running for 100% over the academic year, which is exceptional. At the end of the year, those students will be included in a Rewards Brunch with Mrs Parker and myself.

Lateness is something that we cannot tolerate in school and there have been a small handful of Year 8 students arriving late quite often in the mornings. It is fully acknowledged that morning routines can sometimes be manic and unpredictable (e.g. traffic and roadworks) and exceptions are often made. However, persistent lateness is something that always needs to be addressed. Please can you continue to support us with this very important life focus; punctuality.

Extra-curricular activities & more
The new cashless payment system for school dinners/snacks will begin on Monday 14th March. Students will still have the opportunity to pay by cash. Detailed information has been sent out via Parent Mail/SCHOOP and all are expected to have their forms returned to reception by Friday 4th March.

We held our annual Eisteddfod on Tuesday 1st March and it was an outstanding success. All students across Key Stage 3 were fully engaged in performing of some kind, from playing musical instruments to putting on gymnastics displays. It is times like this that we reflect on our amazing talent and the sheer determination of our students to develop. They certainly do make each and every one of their teachers very proud. Congratulations to Pedr for achieving the highest overall score for the day, but well done also goes to Catwyg, Hywel and Dewi too.

Our Non-Uniform Day on Friday 26th February raised a considerable amount of money for Cancer Research. We very much appreciate your support for whole-school events such as this, which obviously make a significant difference to the lifestyle of others and encourage the global citizenship mind-set in our learners.

Many thanks to you all for your ongoing communication regarding your son’s’/daughter’s achievements, both inside and outside of school. A large part of every assembly is designated to recognising and praising our students on their outstanding accomplishments in everything and anything.

A special mention this month goes to Holly Hooper (8P) and Nikita Baylis (8C) for their efforts in raising approximately £160 for Diabetes off their own initiative. The girls did a cake sale in school and then ran a 1 kilometre race last weekend.

I hope you have a lovely spring month. Let’s wish for some sunshine.
Yours sincerely,
Miss C Jones – Year 8 Progress Leader