GCSE History

             Course Outline Focus/resources
  Topic Area 1:The End of Austerity 1951-1965 Nb: covered in the 1st Revision Guide

  1. Introduction –Overview of course; approach/resources; impact of WW2 e.g. rationing
  2. End of Empire– link to WW2, Britain’s morale debt to the colonies
  3. 1945 General Election– shock defeat of Churchill and Conservatives
  4. The Welfare State– Beveridge Report, 5 ‘ills’; Nye Bevan’s NHS, successes and limitations
  5. Housing– bombsites, slum clearance; New towns; High rise flats; Pre-fabs
  6. Nationalisation of industries– Beeching ‘axe’; coal, plus other issues.
  7. The Defeat of Labour 1951 General Election i.e. reasons for; divisions in Labour Party; timing of election; margin of defeat
  8. 1951 Festival of Britain
  9. Austerity– Prosperity 1950s
  10. State of the Economy early 1950s i.e. rationing worsened post WW2; decline of heavy industries; devalued currency; debt
  11. Affluence 1950s and 60s- “You’ve never had it so good”/ Keeping up with the Jones’
  12. Education
  1. PPT, Topic Book 1, DVD Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain, You Tube clips, PPQs, teacher-produced source questions for Unit 1
  2. PPT, as above

  3. PPT
  4. PPT; 2015 SAM question on pre-fabs
  5. PPT
  6. PPT
  7. PPT
  8. PPT
  9. PPT
  10. PPT
  11. PPT
  12. PPT or as Topic 2?
Topic Area 2: Social and Cultural change to 1979. Nb: covered in the second revision guide
Topic Area 2 Social and cultural change to 1979 Nb: Covered in the 2nd Revision Guide

  1. Changing musical styles e.g. record players, Rock n’ Roll, dance halls- discos, pop groups
  2. Television e.g. increase in ownership/HP/affluence; coverage of Coronation 1953, World Cup 1966; impact; decline in cinema
  3. Women at home i.e. use of labour saving devices; convenience foods and supermarkets; changing attitudes to family and marriage
  4. Education and employment i.e. school leaving age; university grants; light/service industry jobs
  5. Women’s rights i.e. impact of the Pill; divorce and abortion; equal opportunities legislation; women’s liberation movement
  6. Fashion and fads i.e. Teddy boys; mini-skirts; impact of American culture; counter-cultures e.g. Mods v Rockers; hippies; punk
  7. The generation gap i.e. youth organisations; increasing affluence; emergence of the ‘teenager’; reaction to changes in young people’s lives; extent of change
    • ‘Flipping the classroom.’ Group production of a learning resource and PPT presentation. Teacher and peer assessment
    • As above
    • As above
    • As above
    • As above
    • As above
    • As above
  Topic Area 3 Opportunities and Challenges 1951-1979 Nb: Covered in the 3rd Revision Guide

  1. The permissive society i.e. liberal legislation; legalising homosexuality (Alan Turing?); drink and drugs; divorce; abortion; abolition of death penalty (Ruth Ellis v Myra Hindley); Profumo Scandal
  2. Protest movements i.e. Cold War fears; Ban the Bomb and CND; 1968 student protests
  3. Immigration from Commonwealth countries i.e. reasons for migration; British Nationality Act; Empire Windrush; immigrant experiences.
  4. Reaction to immigration i.e. race riots; Notting Hill 1958; Enoch Powell “Rivers of Bloo”; right-wing groups e.g. National Front; portrayal of race issue in the media
  • Cover as Topic 2 (with some teacher input?) (2015 PPQ on Profumo)
  • Cover as Topic 2 (with some teacher input)
  • PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led




  1. Emergence of a multi-cultural society by mid 1970s i.e. contributions made by immigrants to Britain; race relations legislation
  2. Industrial decline i.e. industrial change; strikes and the three-day week; the Winter of Discontent
  3. Britain and Europe i.e. the Common Market/EEC; 1975 Referendum; decimalisation; impact on life
  4. Nationalist movements in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland i.e. nationalist success in elections; devolution referendum 1979 for Scotland and Wales; Welsh language campaign; The ‘Troubles’ in N. Ireland in the 70s; Bloody Sunday; internment


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PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led

PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led

PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led

PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led; (2015 PPQ on EEC)

PPT/Revision guides/teacher-led


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