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Powys Healthy SchoolsWelcome to our Healthy Schools web pages.  Crickhowell High School is participating in the Powys Healthy Schools Scheme, which is part of the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Schemes (WNHSS) and Schools for Health in Europe.   Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as playing a key role in promoting the health of children and young people, the Healthy Schools Scheme has been rolled out across Wales since 2000.

The underlying principles of the scheme are:

  • the importance of pupil participation in core areas of school life which affect health and wellbeing
  • the importance of the understanding and commitment of the whole school community
  • a positive approach to health

National and local programmes and policies

The Healthy Schools team works in partnership with a range of national and local programmes.  Schools are helped and supported to identify and implement a range of activities and programmes that reflect national and local health targets, set within a framework of:

  • leadership and communication
  • curriculum
  • ethos and environment
  • family and community involvement

Schools progress through the scheme by achieving ‘Phases’.  In Phases 1-3, a school is required to plan and implement three specific health actions over the course of one academic year.   In Phases 4-5, a school is required to work towards achieving a whole school approach to two Healthy Schools topic areas over the course of two academic years.  Phases 1-5 are assessed locally by the Local Healthy Schools Coordinator.

After completing Phase 5, a school may choose to work towards achieving the Powys Excellence Award (PEA).  The PEA is awarded to schools that can demonstrate a whole school approach to all areas of health listed within the Healthy Schools Scheme.  The PEA is assessed locally.  Once a school has successfully achieved the PEA, they may choose to go on to work towards the National Quality Award (NQA).  This requires a school to collate evidence for each of the indicators listed in the NQA documentation.  The NQA is a prestigious award for any school to achieve and is assessed by national assessors.

We’ll continue to develop our pages over time, but right now you can find some helpful information and ideas for healthy packed lunches and power breakfasts, as well as a Recipes page.  Click on the links below to jump the relevant page, or use the menu items under Healthy Schools.

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There is also some excellent information, as well as recipes, on the following websites:

The Eat Well Guide details Government recommendations on eating healthily and achieving a balanced diet.  Download your copy here:

The Eat Well Guide

The following is a link to a Welsh Government document providing healthy eating guidance to Local Authorities and Governing Bodies of maintained schools:

Welsh Gov Healthy Eating in Maintained Schools