Have Your Say Day 2017

In November 2017, Powys County Council ran a fun event for young people aged 11 – 25 across the county to come together to give their opinions of various aspects of their lives, such as health, safeguarding and jobs.

Mrs Carole Phillips and Mr Andy Pole took some of the Crickhowell High School Student Council representatives to participate in this event.  They were involved in discussing a number of topics and were fantastic at articulating their views.  The resulting report makes an interesting read from a school and Powys perspective and the consultation has been fed in to a County-wide Wellbeing plan.

Have Your Say Day 2017 Final Report

Below is a short summary of the workshops held during the day, together with a summary of the feedback and there is also a brief video of the day.


Workshops and Summary Feedback

Mental Health & Wellbeing There is a need for better education earlier about mental health and wellbeing.

There is a need for better education earlier about the huge impact of social media and what can be done about this.

Physical Health & Wellbeing Affordable access to activities and leisure centres.

Affordable and realistic health meal options at school.

Affordable and flexible transport in a rural area.

My community – building safe, supportive and resilient communities There is a need for better transport links and street lighting.

There needs to more support to allow the community to help itself.

Looking after our environment – environment and transport There is a need to increase energy efficiency, decrease the use of fossil fuels and increase renewables. It’s now or never!

We must raise awareness of the options and benefits to help people make informed decisions, to use the resources that already exist instead of building new, to increase renewable energy now and think long term.

16 + Learning There should be a wider range of subjects in sixth forms without necessitating travel around the County to study them.

There should be sixth form centres in the North and South of the County.

Schools should have more funding.  Some schools don’t have glue in art classes or have to share text books.

Funding for schools isn’t fair;  it’s a post code lottery.

Schools in England get £600 more per pupil.

There is pressure on families to help learners and some families can afford this better than others

Apprenticeships & Employment


There needs to be greater awareness of apprenticeships and the fact that they are accessible for all.
  Using technology – to access help, support and information Better broadband speeds will encourage more businesses into the area, providing better job opportunities for young people, the internet also helps young people with homework and seeking support.

Young people need better support when being cyber-bullied and dealing with the impact this has on their mental health.