All students in Crickhowell High School follow a non-examination programme of Personal and Social Education.

Within Crickhowell High School a formal PSE programme is delivered by both tutors and a team of ‘specialist staff’.  Tutors are responsible for delivering aspects of the programme related to Living in Society i.e. personal management, personal development, relationships with others, social ethics, Study Skills and Self Assessment.  They are responsible, along with a specialist team, for delivering aspects of Health Education, Religious and Moral Education, Careers Education and Understanding Contemporary Society.

In Year 10 students consider issues such as Careers Education, Rights and Responsibilities, Principles of First Aid.  In Year 11 students look at issues such as Equal Opportunities, Work Experience, Relationships and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  In the Spring Term these pupils are involved in a programme of Careers Education which provides an opportunity to visit work places, colleges, listen to speakers, research jobs etc.

At 16+ the programme is very much more geared to improving opportunities in Higher Education.

The programme is planned, in consultation with a number of staff and outside agents.  It is structured and develops each year, using knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes introduced and explored earlier in their school life.

The Aims of PSE are to:


  • equip pupils to be personally and socially effective by providing learning experiences in which pupils can develop skills, explore attitudes, values and personal qualities, and acquire, evaluate and apply appropriate knowledge and understanding
  • develop pupils’ self-esteem and personal responsibility
  • prepare pupils for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of work and employment and lifelong learning
  • empower pupils to participate in their communities as active citizens and to develop a global perspective
  • Assist pupils to live healthy and fulfilled lives
  • foster and encourage positive attitudes and behaviour towards the environment and the principles of sustainable development locally, nationally and globally.