Why Study Latin?

Even a brief encounter with the ancient world not only fires the imagination of students but also sheds a dazzling light on why we are as we are.

For generations a classical education was considered a privilege for the few, not the many.  Now its revival in primary and secondary state schools is well under way.  Classical subjects equip pupils with grammar, critical thinking and language skills.

Latin at Crickhowell High School is funded by the generous support of the charitable organization, Classics for All (  We are the first school in Wales to receive a grant, largely through the efforts of our Classics Teacher, Mrs Jayne Treasure, who is also the Deputy Director of the Primary Latin Project for the UK.

Mrs Treasure has been teaching Classics for the last thirty years and is now running the Latin classes and clubs for Crickhowell High School, Crickhowell Primary School and Llangattock Primary School, as well and providing training on behalf of the Primary Latin Project and Classics for All for non-specialist Classics teachers who wish to introduce the subject in their schools.

If you would like to find out more about the subject, please contact Mrs Treasure on


The study of Latin is available to all students and is taught as an extra-curricular subjects.  (Please see the link at the bottom of this page to the timetable).  The timetable allows for one lesson per week for each year group from Year 7 to 13 at 8.30 am.

The Cambridge Latin Course books 1—5 are used as the basis of study.  These text books use the theme of the family of a rich banker, Caecilius Lucius Iucundus, who lived in Pompeii in the first century AD, the information of which is a product of the extensive archaeological findings of the ruins.  The books cover all aspects of Roman life and culture at that time.  The aim is to teach comprehension of the Latin language for reading purposes, to develop an understanding of the history and culture of Roman civilization and to encourage a wide range of approaches to language learning through the use of high quality audio-visual resources.

Whilst there is a requirement to learn the vocabulary in the text books, no written homework is set.  All equipment needed to study Latin is provided.  However, it is recommended that students use the excellent resources of the Cambridge Latin website during their course of study:


Students wishing to be entered for an exam can sit the WJEC Level 1 and / or Level 2 Certificates in Latin Language & Roman Civilization in the summer.  It will be essential that students learn the vocabulary list provided as an appendix in the WJEC specifications for each level, which can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.  The grammar covered in Cambridge Latin Course Books 1 and 2 will also be tested in two exams over the summer.  There are also downloadable Grammar Booklets available for each level below.

Cambridge Latin Course books 1 and 2 will be studied for the Level 1 Certificate and Books 1, 2 and 3 for the Level 2 Certificate.  Achieving the Level 2 Certificate is equivalent to a GCSE.

Students will be able to build on their knowledge of Roman life and culture covered in pre-GCSE years and will be able to learn about life in Roman Britain after the Roman Conquest, as well as life in Roman Egypt.  Book 3 is set in Bath where life as a Roman in that city was full of intrigue, which adds a welcome humorous tone to your studies!

For students wishing to be entered for the summer exams, revision days are offered during the Easter holidays and time will also be spent on past papers, all of which can be found in the school’s eLibrary, along with all downloadable files on this page.

Useful Resources

The Cambridge Latin Course textbooks are available online, together with a wealth of information at:

The vocabulary lists for the various units and the syllabus specifications for both Level 1 and 2 can be download below or by visiting the eLibrary at

WJEC Level 1 Cert (GCSE) Latin Lang. & Roman Civilisation Spec 2009+

WJEC Level 2 Cert (GCSE) Latin Lang. & Roman Civilisation Spec 2009+

Latin Level 1 Vocab List-Units 9511 and 9514

Latin Level 2 Vocab List Unit 9521

Latin Level 2 Vocab List Unit 9524

WJEC Latin Level 1 Grammar Booklet

WJEC Latin Level 2 Grammar Booklet


Latin is taught as an extra-curricular subject and lessons resume on 10th September 2018 at 08.40 am.  This year, the lesson programme alternates with either Year 7 (plus any other beginners) being on Mondays or Year 8.  Tuesday and Wednesday lessons remain the same throughout.

The timetables for Latin lessons for the full academic year 2018-19 can be downloaded below.

Latin Timetable Autumn Term 2018
Latin Timetable Spring Term 2019
Latin Timetable Summer Term 2019