Teaching Methods and Equipment

Teaching Methods

At Crickhowell High School we use a variety of teaching techniques allowing opportunities for individual and group work. Several strategies are available: one-to-one support, small and large group and discussion work, work where resources are shared and individual tasks. The department offers opportunities for students to participate in planning their work by setting individual targets. Challenging work which meets the needs of all students will be offered. The Mathematics’ Department strives to deliver enterprising, innovative, engaging and high impact Mathematics lessons.

There is a clear structure to every lesson with a minimum of three parts (majority of lessons are split into more). Not only is content being taught but links are readily made with skills that students can transfer into the outside world. All lessons contain activities for all types of learners and we strive to ensure the potential of each individual is recognised. There are rigorous monitoring processes in place to help tailor the students’ education to meet their needs and Assessment for Learning is a process that is used regularly. The Assessment for Learning process can take many forms but is essentially when a teacher truly understands where a child is on a particular learning curve and is able to inform that child not only of the objectives of where the student needs to be but can inform them on how to get there. This is vital for the student to be able to truly progress.


We expect all our students to come fully prepared for each Mathematics lesson. Every student will need

  • Pen
  • Pencil (sharpened)
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Calculator – As a department we recommend the purchase of a Casio Calculator as we believe it to be the easiest calculator to use and is readily available from most high street stores and supermarkets.

All the equipment necessary will be available to purchase from the school during the year 6 evening held in the summer term. These will be at discounted prices directly from the manufacturer