Key Stage 5

Mathematics is more than just figures on a page – it is about problem solving . . . which is not quite as routine as it sounds! Mathematicians learn to be analytical by taking a real life problem and turning it into a mathematical model. If you choose Maths, you will develop problem-solving strategies used in a wide variety of careers.

Mathematics has always been essential for Engineering and the Physical Sciences and is now becoming increasingly important in the Social Sciences, Medicine, Management and Business. However, Mathematics is not only studied for its applications – it has a fascination and beauty of its own characterised by precision and logical rigour. (For more information on maths careers visit

At Crickhowell High School we are able to offer a choice of two Mathematical courses as a single choice at AS/A Level – Pure with Mechanics and Pure with Statistics. For the real enthusiast there is the ‘Double’ Mathematics course, which leads to 2 full A Levels – Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

We are well aware that studying Maths can be a challenge – that is one reason why it is so worthwhile! Should you choose to study Mathematics at Crickhowell you will find the staff well qualified, experienced and willing to support you in your work.
You will find yourself part of a department which prides itself on its excellent results – all well above national averages. All we ask is that you have studied Mathematics at GCSE Higher Tier, achieving at least a ‘B’ grade