Key Stage 4

We continue our journey of mathematics in KS4 with preparation for GCSE. Whilst teaching methods remain the same, the application of the subject will become more focussed on examination preparation. Students here follow the WJEC specifications in GCSE Numeracy and GCSE Mathematics, this ultimately leads to 2 full GCSEs. There are three tiers available for both GCSE’s: Higher, Intermediate and Foundation and as a department we spend a considerable amount of time ensuring students are entered into the tier that is most suited to them.

We choose courses for our students that are appropriate to their needs. The most talented and enthusiastic mathematicians may take a GCSE a year early if we believe they are capable of gaining a grade A* in addition to being given the opportunity to study the level 2 WJEC qualification in Additional Mathematics. This course provides excellent preparation of some of the foundational topics of the A level specification and additional challenge for our most able mathematicians.

All students will complete at least 1 past paper each half term throughout KS4 in order to familiarise them with exam style questions. These are then used as their milestone assessment so that every student is aware of the standard they are currently working on and what needs to take place for them to move up to the next grade