Year 8

What will I be studying?

You will be studying a dramatic and important period in history from 1500 – 1750. This was a time when kings and queens built up great power only to lose it a century later through civil war and execution. Ideas changed and continents and peoples were discovered.

Key questions to be studied:

  1. What changes did Henry VIII introduce  ?
  2. Was Henry VIII a good king ?
  3. What problems did Elizabeth I face ?
  4. How did Elizabeth deal with the poor ?
  5. How were women treated during this time ?
  6. Was Guy Fawkes really guilty ?
  7. Why did Civil war break out in 1649 ?
  8. Who was Oliver Cromwell ?
  9. What Wales like during this period ?

In the summer term you will also be looking at :

  1. Why did Europeans go exploring ?
  2. How did native Americans live before the Europeans arrived ?
  3. what effect did the Europeans have on the native peoples ?