Year 7

What will I be studying?

Firstly, you will study how the local area has been affected by history in a study of Crickhowell through time. After that you will be studying the medieval world – a dramatic period in history from 1066 – 1485. This was a time of invasion, conquest and castle building but it was also a period of learning and religion.

Key Questions to be studied:

  1. How has Crickhowell changed over time?
  2. Why is the date 1066 so important?
  3. How did William of Normandy conquer England?
  4. Why were so many castles built at this time?
  5. What was Wales like during medieval times?
  6. What was life like for ordinary people?
  7. What did medieval people believe in?
  8. Was the Black Death a disaster for medieval people?