American History

Changing Life in the USA, 1929-2000

Topic 1: Domestic Policy

  • Introduction to the USA- political system, geography, American Dream, immigration, Americana.
  • 1920s The Jazz Age- Boom! Mass production, Isolationism, Culture and Society, Wall St. Crash
  • 1930s Bust! The Great Depression. FDR and 1932 Election, New Deal, First Hundred Days, 2nd New Deal, Support and Opposition, Supreme Court.
  • 1940s WWII- Pearl Harbor, ending of Gt. Depression.
  • 1950s Age of Affluence- prosperity, suburbia, white flight, teenagers, McCarthyism.
  • 1960s Assassination- JFK and the New Frontier, LBJ and the Great Society
  • 1970s Scandal- Nixon and Watergate.
  • 1980s Reaganomics, American Dream.
  • 1990s Bush Snr., Bill Clinton
  • Changes in popular culture, youth, protest, role of women, civil rights

Topic 2: Foreign Policy

  • Post-WW1 Isolationism, Woodrow Wilson, League of Nations.
  • 1930s Isolationism- Neutrality.
  • 1940s WWII- Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Yalta and Potsdam, Atomic Bomb.
  • Post-1945 Cold War-Superpower status, Domino Theory, Truman Doctrine, Containment, Marshall Aid, Berlin Blockade, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Berlin Wall,.
  • 1960s Cuba- Bay of Pigs, Missile Crisis.
  • 1950s 60s Asia- Korean War, Vietnam War.
  • 1970s Détente- China, USSR, SALT.
  • 1980s Reagan, Olympic boycotts, SDI/Star Wars, Iran-Contra Scandal, INF Treaty, Berlin Wall, Afghanistan.
  • 1990s START, Middle East –Libya, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, and the First Gulf War.