Geography Fieldwork & Trips

Geography Fieldwork—Year 11

11th—12th October 2017


We are currently in the process of carrying out fieldwork to prepare students for the Non-Examination Assessment taking place in November.

On Wednesday 11th October 2017, we’ll be investigating the impact of traffic flows around Crickhowell.  This will involve students working in groups and measuring traffic flows around the town centre, as well as carrying out questionnaires with local people and businesses to gather their views of traffic levels in the town.

On Thursday 12th October 2017, we’ll be doing a supervised walk along the Cwmbeth Brook, which flows through Crickhowell from Table Mountain, the purpose of which is to conduct an investigation into the drainage basin characteristics.

Students are expected to arrive and leave school at the usual times on both days, as the fieldwork will be done within normal school hours.  Students will not need to bring in books for the first three lessons, as the fieldwork will take up the morning through to 12.30pm.  However, students will need books and equipment for lessons 4 and 5.  As we’re working locally, students will be back for lunch as normal and there are no payments required.

School uniform should be worn as usual on Wednesday 11th October, as we’ll be interfacing with the public in Crickhowell.  However, on Thursday 12th October, appropriate clothing should be worn, as outlined below, as the walk along Cwmbeth Brook will encounter uneven and occasionally steep terrain :

  • A jumper and waterproof coat are essential in case of poor weather.
  • Weatherproof or quick-drying trousers.
  • Walking boots or sturdy footwear with good grip.
  • Wellies in a separate bag if possible.
  • A change of shoes and clothes are advised for when we return to school.
  • A bottle of water for the walk.
  • Pencil case, pens and paper.
  • Camera – optional

Students will be supervised closely at all times by Crickhowell High School staff and full risk assessments have been carried out.  If you are happy to consent to your son / daughter participating in the fieldwork, please download and complete the consent form below:

Y11 Fieldwork Consent Form 102017

A letter has already been sent out to parents, a copy of which is also available to download below:

Y11 Fieldwork Letter 27092017