Controlled Assessment

Pupils cannot afford to miss any scheduled Geography for any reason – this includes sports fixtures, other school activities and family holidays. If a lesson is ‘missed’ it may have an impact on the outcome of the final GCSE exam result for Geography

Calendar for completion of the Geography Controlled Assessment – Enquiry (“Tesco Express”)
Item Date Comment
Initial Briefing Week beginning Monday 24th May Setting the scene – explaining the rules and the task. Gathering Secondary data and questionnaire data.
Exam Week – for all of Y10 in all subjects Monday 7th June and Wed. 9th June Two exams of about 30 minutes each. (Not part of the Controlled Assessment)
Further Preparation Friday 11th June onwards Getting ready for fieldwork
Fieldwork Tuesday 15th June (Sports Day) Data collection for some of this day (…in negotiation with Art and Design staff.)
Write-Up Phase From Monday 21st June – up to 8 hours of classtime – in all Geography lessons. Highly controlled conditions – individual work completed entirely in class.
Deadline for Completion Friday 9th July Work to be printed – one copy only. Final access to ‘folder’ of draft materials.
Catch Up Session Tuesday 13th July 3.30 pm H1 One final catch up/ completion session for anyone who has missed a lesson (with authorised reason).

Information about the ‘Enquiry’ Controlled Assessment for Geography