Young Photographer Competition 2018-19

The Young Photographer Competition is a well-established and successful competition promoted by otary International in Britain and Ireland (RIBI).  It is a three-stage competition designed to support and encourage the development of photographic skills.

This competition aims to encourage young people to:

  • Experiment with photography
  • Use digital or traditional methods of photography
  • Show interpretation of their chosen topic
  • Express their ideas through the medium of photography

All relevant documentation may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below, from the ADT Faculty or by visiting the Rotary Club website at

Young Photographer Entry Form 2018-19

Young Photographer Info Pack 2018-19

Who can take part?

The competition is open all schools and college communities, including those that are home educated, and any other young people’s community organisations, such as community RotaKids, community Interact, Scout Groups, Girl Guides.

There three age groups are:

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2018, it should be noted that some junior entrants may be 11, intermediate entrants may be 14 and some senior entrants may be 18 at the time of some or all the stage competitions i.e. a competitor may be 17 on 31st August but turns 18 on 1st September is allowed to enter.  Competitors must include their date of birth on the application form.

Students should enter the competition organised by the local Rotary club through their respective group or organization.

Competitors, schools, colleges and organisations can participate in a district that is outside their boundary, but can only compete in one club/district competition.

The Three Stages of the Competition

The first stage is the Local Heats.  These are organized by local Rotary clubs.  The winners of these are entered into a District Competition, which are also organized by Rotary.  The winners of District Competitions are entered into the National Final.  One entry per age group per district may be submitted by Saturday 6th April 2019 to the Organizer, Peter Dowse, at 14 Stocksfield, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex  CM15 0BU.

The local heat will be held at Crickhowell High School on Thursday 29th November 2018 at 3.45 pm.

Competition Guidelines

The theme of this year’s competition is ‘A Different Perspective’.  The task is to produce a portfolio of three photographs based upon the theme in colour or black and white on photographic paper.  Prints should be submitted separately and each print, including any mount, should be no larger than A4 size.  Mobile Phones may be used.            

District Competition winners will be asked to provide a digital copy in jpeg format and ideally 5MB for an A4 sized print.  These should be submitted on disc (CD-R) or memory stick, as part of the National Final submission.  Please ensure every photograph, disc or memory stick submitted is clearly labelled with the name of the entrant.

In addition, each entrant should provide a brief sentence of what each photograph represents in relation to the theme.

Please Note: Photographs which include those of people under 18 years old must be accompanied by written permission from the parent, guardian, or carer of the person for those photographs to be submitted.

Entries should be sent to the Stage Organiser by the closing date.

Photographs will not be returned unless specifically requested, although winners’ photographs will be retained for display and discs and memory sticks returned.

Judges, Judging Criteria and Prizes

Judges with appropriate skills, appointed by Rotary, will apply the judging criteria below, which will consider technical merit, content and composition, imagination and style.

Only in exceptional circumstances, at the sole discretion of the competition organiser, will correspondence or discussions be entered into following a competition by the competition organiser.

At all stages of the competition, competitors will receive a certificate of participation.  The national winners will be given appropriate awards.


How To Enter

Entry to various heats will be organized by the ADT Faculty.  All relevant documentation is available for download on this page.

Entrants need to complete the entry form provided and submit it, with their photographs at the time specified.

Entry Form 2018—19

Once the entry form has been completed, it must be submitted with three photographs and a brief sentence about each photograph in relation to the theme.

Rotary respects the rights of the photographer and does not claim copyright for works submitted in this contest.  The photographer will retain full copyright for each entry.   In addition, the photographer’s moral rights are respected.   Whenever a photographer’s work is published by Rotary (and its partners), they will be credited.   Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed as a breach of this condition.

By entering this contest, photographers agree that any winning or shortlisted work submitted may be used by Rotary (and its partners) solely for marketing and promotional purposes of this contest or future contests and for no other purpose.  These uses include: –

  • judging the competition,
  • displaying the entries on the competition website (and websites of partners),
  • displaying the entries at public exhibitions to promote the competition,
  • displaying the entries in a book, magazine or similar,
  • publishing the entries on posters to promote the competition,
  • publishing the entries on postcards to promote the competition,
  • publishing the entries on a calendar to promote the competition,
  • cropping and re-sizing the work as necessary to fit pre-defined formats to promote the competition,
  • sub-licensing the entries to the press for reproduction in connection with the competition and any related exhibition,
  • inclusion within any materials promoting the competition or any exhibition of works from this competition organised by Rotary.

Photographers hereby grant Rotary a non-exclusive, irrevocable licence in each entry throughout the world in all media for the issues described above for 3 years following the date of announcement of the winners.

Please note that photographs of people under 18 years old must be accompanied by written permission from the parent, guardian, carer or teacher for those in boarding school, of the person(s) photographed.

*  The information relating to the Young Photographer Competition is provided courtesy of the Rotary Club of Great Britain and Ireland.