GCSE Photography

Whether you’re planning to study photography to GCSE or AS / A2 level, our photography course will help to turn students into creative thinkers who’re able to construct photographic images so that they contain high visual appeal. 

Photography is an exciting medium that can be used in many different ways. Careers in photography include Art careers, Advertising, Commercial work, Editorial, Fashion, Film, Food, Forensic, Industrial, Architectural, Ariel, Portraiture and Wedding photography, Sports and Travel etc.  Photographs are visible everywhere because we love the photographic representation of ourselves and our world and therefore there is a huge market for photographic work.

Magazines and Newspapers show Advertising and Editorial photographic work. Billboards and hoardings show mainly Fashion and Advertising photography. In the film industry the ‘Director of Photography’ may operate Lighting or Camera and they have control over the ‘look of the film’. Photographers are employed to take ‘Stills’ in film and also photographic documentation for ‘Continuity’. Artists use photography in vast ways to show conceptual thinking, these photographs are found in galleries, books, magazines and on the internet. Photographs can be used on the web or as beautiful printed objects.

Here at Crickhowell High School, we’ll teach you to look at the world in a creative way. The creative potential stimulated in this course will enable you to apply creative, analytical and critical thinking and problem solving, in order to visually communicate ideas through photography.  This awareness can also be employed to any other course that you do.  Students will develop critical analyses of artists’ work helping to develop their own ideas through reaction, practical application and written reflections.

Throughout these courses, students will learn about a variety of photographic media, techniques and processes as detailed below:

Learning Outside the Classroom

In Photography, we passionately believe that teaching and learning outside the classroom has a fundamental impact on the progression of our students.  By engaging in both their local community and further afield, students have the opportunity to creatively explore new opportunities, solve problems through critical thinking and use their imagination.

We have a strong relationship with our local community and through our GCSE course, we encourage students to explore the facilities and expertise we are lucky to have on our doorstep.  Recent visits and workshops include Oriel Cric Gallery, Crickhowell Archives and Peak.  Peak is an arts organisation that works creatively with professional artists and communities, responding to the rural environment through traditional and digital media.   During their course, our GCSE students carry out a variety of projects, such as:

  • a documentary project of Crickhowell High Street using reference material from the Crickhowell Archives.
  • working with local businesses to raise awareness of plastics in our community
  • taking inspiration from their local environment  to work on a ‘juxtaposition’ project, reflecting different parts of the landscape and thinking about the natural and man made, pattern and line.

A copy of the WJEC GCSE syllabus is available below:

WJEC GCSE Art & Design Spec 2016+

If you would like information about the AS / A2 Art & Design – Photography course of study, please visit the relevant web pages in our Sixth Form Centre or click on a link below: