Young Chef Competition 2018-19

The National Young Chef Competition is a well-organised, established and successful competition promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and sponsored by Filippio Berio.  Progress is under way to find the National winner for the 2019 Competition and Crickhowell High School will be holding their local heat on Wednesday 17th October 2018 in the Food & Nutrition room at 9.30 am—3.30 pm.

All the information that follows can be found in the Young Chef Competition Info Pack 2018 / 2019, which can be downloaded from the  Rotary website at or by clicking on the link below.  You can also download the  Competition Entry Form, the Time Planning Form and the Menu and Ingredient Form.

Young Chef Information Pack 2018-19

Young Chef Entry Form 2018-19

Young Chef Competition Time Planning From 2018-19

Young Chef Competition Menu & Ingredients From 2018-19

The aim of the competition is to support and encourage development of cookery skills and to encourage young people to:

  • Learn to cook a health meal
  • Develop food presentation skills
  • Consider food hygiene issues
  • Develop organizational and planning skills
  • Develop an ability to cope in a demanding situation.

Who Can Take Part

This competition is open to all students in full time education between the ages of 11 and 17 on 31 August 2018.  Students who are in part-time (day release) education are not eligible to take part.  The qualifying criteria of all entrants in the national final will be rigorously checked and any entrant not meeting these criteria will not be allowed to take part.

Please note this competition is intended for amateurs, i.e. a person who is not in full or regular part-time employment in the catering trade.  Eligible entrants who have been temporarily employed by restaurants during the school holidays may take part. T he competition is not open to students who are enrolled on a full-time catering course and studying for a qualification above “A” level standard.

Competitors, schools, colleges and organisations can participate in a Rotary district that is outside of their boundary but can only compete in one club/district event.

Students should enter the competition organised by the local Rotary club through their school, college or youth organization and all entrants should complete the entry form provided.

The Competition Stages

Local Heats are organised by local Rotary clubs and hosted by schools or colleges between September and December 2017.  The winner of each local event is entered into the district finals.  Local Rotary Clubs may be found by visiting the website at

District Finals are organised by Rotary at schools and colleges between January and mid-February 2019.  If there is a high numbers of entrants, it may be necessary to hold preliminary rounds prior to a district final.  The winner and runner up from each District Final will be entered into a Regional Final.

Regional Finals are organised by Rotary at schools and colleges between mid-February and March 2019.  The winner of each Regional Final is entered into the National final.

National Final will be held on Saturday, 27th April 2019 at Leeds City College, Printworks Campus, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JY.  Please note that RIBI does not fund any expenses for regional winners to attend the National Final.  However, a regional winner should receive assistance with travel expenses from their sponsoring District.

Competition Guidelines, Judging and Prizes

Competitors are given two hours to prepare a three course healthy meal, comprising a starter, main course and dessert for two people, costing less thant £15.00 per head.  The taks for local heats and district finals may have local variations and competitors should check dates with their local Rotary Club.

Rotary will appoint judges with appropriate skills.  They will apply specific judging criteria and provide feedback to competitors with particular advice to the winners for the next round.  They will not discuss marks and their decision will be final.  A Rotarian will not be appointed as a judge for Regional or National Finals.

Judges will allocate marks as shown in the table below:

Marks will be deducted for courses presented outside the allotted time.  Marking criteria for the National Final will be determined by the judges and advised to competitors in advance.  Only in exceptional circumstances, and at the sole discretion of the competition organizer, will correspondence or discussions be entered into following the event.

At all stages of the competition, certificates of participation will be presented to all competitors.

At the end of the competition, the organizer will collect the judges score sheets.  The judges will be retained by the competition organizer for a minimum of three months.  A Rotarian with no interest in the participating teams will review the scores to ensure accuracy before the results are announced.  After the judges have determined the result of the competition, one or more judges will comment on their observations before announcing the results.

National finalists will be given an apron to wear at the National Final.  The winner, second and third placed competitors will receive trophies and prizes.

How to Enter and Competition Procedures

Entry to the competition is organized by Ms N. Armitti.  Entrants must complete the entry form at the end of this information pack and submit to Ms Armitti at the time specified by her.      

Arrival:  On arrival, competitors will be shown where to deposit their equipment, ingredients, table settings and decorations.

Introduction:  Competitors and supporters will be welcomed, advised of the location of the judging and table display areas and will then be briefed by the judges.  Supporters will be advised of a rest area for their use during the competition.

Cooking Areas:  These will be determined by ballot.

Equipment:  Standard cooking equipment will be available at the Food & Nutrition room.  Competitors must bring their own specialist and electrical equipment with an appropriate Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) certificate.

Competitors should also bring table settings, including plates and serving dishes, cutlery for two people and table decorations.  Prior to the start of the setting table time, supporters may assist with the unpacking and organization of the cooking area.  Supporters may not assist with any food preparation or table settings. Supporters must leave the cooking area before the competition starts with the setting table time.  Food preparation must not start until the preparation time begins.

Setting Table Time:  A maximum of ten minutes setting table time is allowed for setting the display table for two people.  The display table should include a menu with the name of the competitor.  During setting table time, competitors must not commence any food preparation, but should advise the judges of any ready or pre-prepared food or ingredients e.g. marinated food that they are using.  They should also make available their completed time plan (see below) and their completed menu and ingredients form (see below) for the judges to review.

The menu and ingredients form should include all ingredients and the purchase cost of the quantity of ingredients to be used.  If home grown produce is used, the ingredients should be valued at retail cost.  Small amounts of herbs, spices and seasonings need not be included on the menu and ingredients form.  Receipts with the items clearly marked should be attached to the menu and ingredients form.

If a dish contains nuts of any type, this must be made clear on the menu and ingredients form.  Ms Armitti must be made aware of this on arrival so that appropriate separation can be arranged.  All utensils and surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residue contamination.

Preparation Time:  After the setting table time, a preparation time of two hours will commence when competitors prepare, cook and serve their meal.  During the last 45 minutes of preparation time, competitors should stagger serving their courses in the correct order and at the correct temperature.  One serving of each course should be placed in the judging area and the other serving on the display table.  Clearing up may be completed after the preparation time.

Results:  After the judges have decided the result of the competition, one or more judge will comment on their observations of the competition before announcing the result.

*  The information relating to the Young Chef Competition is provided courtesy of the Rotary Club of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Crickhowell High School Competition – 24th October 2017

Many congratulations to all who took part and our winner – Phoebe Terry.  Some excellent food was produced and the overall standard was very high.  Feast your eyes on our gallery of pictures.

The Crickhowell High School Competition – 18th October 2018

Well done to all who took part.  Some superb, mouth-watering food was produced.  Our winners this year were:

1st place Anika Mather
2nd place Mali Carson
3rd place Polly Rees
Highly commended Laura Lewis
Highly commended Gracie Trotman
Highly commended Tia Foster

Feast your eyes on our gallery of pictures.