Art & Design. GCSE, AS & A Level.

Art and Design is a broad based practical subject.

The Art and Design syllabus is intended to be flexible to allow pupils to express their individuality and creativity. Art and Design encompasses a wide range of areas of study including:

Textile and Costume Design, Graphic Design; Advertising; Packaging; Fine Art painting and sculpture; Three dimensional design; Illustration; Design for film and theatre; Millinery and Printmaking.

Pupils develop their own individual coursework projects from a common starting point deciding on an area of study they wish to follow. Pupils are encouraged to use and experiment with a variety of media, techniques and approaches.

The WJEC Art & Design GCSE, AS & A level courses are assessed as follows:

A Coursework Portfolio       60% The portfolio comprises of sketchbooks, mounted work and final outcomes.

Terminal examination unit   40% Externally set and timed tasks.

The Art & Design is almost entirely a practical course. The terminal examination is a practical examination spread over a number of days.

Coursework forms a major part of the Art & Design qualifications. It is essential that pupils keep to the reasonable and regularly set deadlines if they are to manage the course effectively.

Should you choose to pursue Art & Design as an option you can expect a challenging practical course that will provide you with opportunities to experience a variety of processes, techniques and media. The course is aimed at encouraging a real sense of achievement that comes from commitment and involvement in your work. We want to encourage pupils to demonstrate self-expression and imagination – this is not just limited to the talented few.