Physical Education

The Physical Education department continues to deliver and support a number of curricular and extra curricular activities for individuals and groups.  Our aim is always to provide opportunities and links for students to develop their knowledge and skills in order to achieve success and progress as far as they are able.

Across the key stage pupils will develop their skills in the following sports:

  • Creative,  this includes aspects of Gymnastics and Dance.
  • Fitness,
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Outdoor and adventurous activities
  • Soccer

Click on the link below to download the latest sports timetable for January – April 2019:

Extra Curricular Sports Activities Spring 2019

Extra Curricular  Sports

There is also an extra curricular sports programme shown above which gives students the opportunity to train for and to represent their school in the sports listed above.   PUPILS MUST PARTICIPATE IN SCHOOL SPORTS PRACTICES (lunchtime or after school) IF THEY WISH TO REPRESENT THE SCHOOL in SPORTS COMPETITIONS.  There is also the 5×50 programme which runs alongside the extra curricular timetable.

We are trying to organise fixtures against local schools.

As you can see we have a lot going on and at present there are only 4 full time members of PE staff.  All the extra curricular activities that we put are are done voluntarily and we are always keen for any exatra help.  If you are able to volunteer as a coach, helper, transporter, fundraiser, organiser, or anything else you can think of please get in touch.  We can organise DBS checks etc and even access fuding for training and qualifications via community grants.

A copy of the current term’s extra curricular sports activities may be downloaded below.


5×60: Secondary School Sport Programme

The 5×60 programme aims to increase the number of secondary age pupils taking part in sport or physical activity for 60 minutes, at least 5 times a week.

This Sport Wales scheme increases opportunities for extra-curricular sport and physical activity sessions for primary age children. It builds on the Dragon Sport scheme. The Sports Council report that 99% of Wales’s mainstream secondary schools have signed up to the 5×60 scheme.

5×60 Officers

The programme is managed by local authority 5×60 officers, based in designated schools. They work with local stakeholders to create opportunities that meet the needs and choices of the pupils. Officers involve parents, students, and local coaches and sports club personnel in developing activities.

The 5×60 programme complements existing sport and physical education (PE) provision in schools. It offers a range of activities to all children regardless of ability. A key principle is that the pupils chose the activities themselves. Activities include:

  • competitive sport
  • informal activities, such as dance and aerobics
  • coached activities
  • outdoor activities

The programme gives young people opportunities to lead activities in their own schools.


The 5×60 programme is a £4.3m Welsh Government funded programme.  We run the following tournaments:

  • Powys Rugby Sevens
  • Netball, Hockey and Rounders tournaments
  • The cross country league

For more information on the schools involved and the activities being offered visit Sport Wales (external link).



Please open the PDF above to view the A level, BTEC and GCSE PE kits 2015

AS / A2 Level PE

The specification for the course can be found on the following page:

Past papers and mark schemes are on the following page:

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Activities

Pupils will be given opportunities to:

  • Engage in frequent and regular physical activity beneficial to their health, fitness and well-being.
  • Investigate and plan for participation in a range of daily activity opportunities at school, home and in the local community, and find ways of incorporating exercise into their lifestyles.
  • Try different activities that affect their fitness and find out how appropriate training can improve fitness and performance
  • Identify how to eat and drink healthily in order to meet the energy requirements of different activities and levels of performance.

Creative Activities

Pupils should be given opportunities to:

  • create and perform more complex movement patterns, techniques and sequences in their activities
  • use compositional principles when planning and performing their activities
  • describe, analyse and interpret performance, recognising different qualities that contribute to successful performance
  • develop and communicate a variety of imaginative ideas and information
  • listen carefully to others’ contributions, considering their ideas and responding aptly
  • vary their presentations for different audiences and purposes, using ICT when appropriate, to improve the impact of their work.

Adventurous Activities

Pupils should be given opportunities to:

  • Develop a range of skills & techniques in at least one of the following three types of adventurous activities:
    • outdoor & adventurous activities, e.g. climbing, canoeing, orienteering
    • problem-solving or initiative challenges,e.g. following or designing trails, ropecourses
    • journeys, e.g. hill walking & camping
  • Plan, undertake & evaluate activities, using what they find out to plan how to improve their next attempts.
  • Take some responsibility for themselves, others & the learning environment
  • Apply and evaluate the principles &practice of rescue & resuscitation.
  • Listen carefully to the contribution of others, make individual & group decisions to identify problems & suggest alternative approaches.

Competitive Activities

Pupils should be given opportunities to:

  • Develop their techniques, skills, strategies & tactics applicable to a variety of competitive activities  including sending (throwing, tossing, bowling); receiving (catching, fielding); striking (hitting, batting, volleying, serving); travelling (with a ball or other equipment); application of spin; attacking & defending (possession, progression, scoring and change of  possession); running (different speeds); jumping (for height or length); and throwing (for distance).
  • Refine, adapt & apply their skills with consistent control and accuracy under competitive conditions
  • Analyse & evaluate the effectiveness of increasingly complex strategies & tactics against a background of changing situations
  • Use the information to modify, develop & try out their plans and identify other strategies & tactics that might have been effective
  • Adopt an alternative role in their chosen activity, while working with others to apply the rules of an activity and ensure the conventions of fair play, honest competition, good sporting behaviour & informed spectatorship.

In this section we would like to highlight the pathways that some of our pupils have taken to achieve success in sport.  Here is an example from Heather Francis.

During year 7 I began to play hockey within our PE lessons and soon started to have matches against other schools. It was during his year I developed my love for hockey and was selected to play for the Powys U14 squad.

Year 8 then saw me to continue with school and county hockey but also being put forward by Mrs Gilbert to the hockey performance development centre (PDC) that was being held in Pontypridd.

During year 9 whilst still representing the school and county and also continuing with my training at the PDC, it was suggested to me to join a hockey club to further my development as a player. In January 2011 I joined Brecon Hockey Club and was soon playing in the U15s and Badgers (U18s) teams.

I continued to play for Brecon Hockey Club in year 10 whilst still playing for their Badgers side and representing their ladies team. We were fortunate enough during this year to win the league and gain promotion in the South Wales ladies division tables and also were Powys badgers league winners. Whilst Powys no longer had a hockey team I was lucky enough to be selected to represent South Wales U16s girls but unfortunately not Wales U16s girls which had now become my new aspiration.

Year 11 proved to be an extremely busy year for hockey development. Not only was I representing Brecon Hockey Club and the school but I was also captain to the South Wales U16s squad and playing in the South Wales U18s squad. A new hockey development structure began during this year that enabled me to attend a 360 performance centre in Cwmbran. It was during my time here that I was nominated and won a Hockey Wales Award for showing the seven values of the Olympic Games throughout my whole training. This award was presented to me by Sarah Thomas who is my role model and had represented GB in the London 2012 Olympic Games and had won a bronze medal. This was also the year that saw me reach my goal and represent Wales U16s in the 3 Nations tournament against Scotland and Ireland.

I was advised,during my welsh training to join a team that was playing in a higher league to develop my hockey even further. I joined Gwent Hockey Club in year 12 who’s ladies team had just been promoted to Prem 1 which is the highest league in South Wales. Within my first season at this club I have represented their ladies first team. We have achieved far more than we had anticipated reaching the final of the Welsh women’s shield and the Welsh women’s cup. These finals saw us narrowly miss out to Cardiff Met on penalty shuffles in the Shield finals on day one of finals weekend but a more determined and fired up team coming out the following day to beat Howardian 1XI in the cup finals. Two weeks later we went on to play the European Qualifiers match against Cardiff University and will now next season be competing in Europe after defeating Cardiff Uni.

I have continued with my 360 development hockey in Wales and continue to train with Wales. I have now represented Wales U18s in Holland where I was vice captain in our game against Belgium.

In the past few weeks I feel very fortunate and honored to hear that I have been selected to travel to Spain in July and represent the Welsh Dragons (Senior Wales B team) and in September represent Wales in the UK School Games which is to be held in Manchester.

When first picking up a hockey stick in Year 7, I would never have thought it would have lead me to where I am today and the opportunities that I have received. It just shows that with hard work, determination and learning from your mistakes you can achieve anything.