Instrumental Lessons at Crickhowell High School

There are lots of great reasons for learning to play a musical instrument:

  • It helps to improve academic achievement, enhance language / motor skills and abstract reasoning skills.
  • It relives stress enhances your self-awareness and sense of accomplishment, thus lifting your mood.
  • The awareness that you have mastered a new skill is always a great confidence boost.
  • It provides opportunities to expand your social circle by meeting others with similar interests.
  • It stimulates the creative sensors in your, opens your mind to new ideas and helps you express your emotions.
  • You will be able to judge and appreciate the music you hear more thoroughly.
  • It keeps your mind alert and sharp at all times, making you concentrate and trains your visual memory.
  • It helps to develop a sense of discipline and responsibility. The more you practice the better you play.
  • Music exposes us to some amazing historical and cultural facts.
  • And best of all—it’s great fun!

Here at Crickhowell High School we’re very lucky to have a selection of visiting instrumental teachers who provide one-to-one and group tuition to students.  Currently we have teachers specializing in the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • Drums (orchestral percussion is also available)
  • Upper strings (violin, viola)
  • Lower strings (cello, double bass)
  • Harp
  • Woodwind (clarinet, flute, oboe, soprano / alto / tenor / baritone saxophone, bassoon)
  • Brass (cornet, trumpet, tenor horn, French horn, trombone, tuba)

Applying for instrument lessons is easy.  There is a form included with the school welcome pack or it can be collected direct from the Music Department.  Or click on the link below and download a copy.

Instrumental Lessons Appln Form 2018-19

Once completed forms have been received, students will be allocated a teacher and a timetable, which will be rotated on a weekly basis to ensure that different subject lessons are missed.

Any student who has reached a specific standard of aptitude is expected to join one of our varied extra-curricular musical activities which take place before school, at break / lunchtimes, or after school.  We currently have Orchestra, Choir, Jazz Band, Strong Group and various Rock and Chamber Music groups.

All students must supply their own instrument (excluding drums / percussion / piano) and to transport it to / from school, unless provision has been requested for storage space.  If you need to hire an instrument, the Music Department will endeavor to assist.

Grade examinations are offered through ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and Rock School.  We also have links to Gwent Music Service, SPYM (South Powys Youth Music) and WNO (Welsh National Opera), as well as to the groups and opportunities these organisations can offer outside school.

Crickhowell High School runs a wide range of extra curricular music activities for all musicians, whether your a beginner or more advanced.  For a full timetable of these activities, click on the link below.

Extra Curricular Music Activities 2018-19