The following equipment is ESSENTIAL for all External Examinations

Particularly GCSE Examinations, so it’s a good idea to collect the following items and keep them all together ready for your exams.

Get into the habit for ALL examinations.

  • A clear plastic zip-lock bag or clear pencil case
  • Calculator
  • Pencil Eraser
  • HB pencils (2) at least
  • Pencil sharpener
  • BLACK ink ballpoint, type pens
  • Selection of coloured pencils
  • 15 cm and 30 cm  Rulers
  • Maths set – protractor, set square and compass
  • (These can be purchased from Maths shop  for pence per item )


  • No Red Pens allowed
  • No Gel Pens allowed
  • No Calculator cases or lids allowed
  • No correction fluid, tape or pens allowed
  • No highlighters allowed on answer sheet


Calculators: You may use a calculator unless you are told otherwise.

If you use a calculator –

  • Make sure it works properly and that any batteries required are working
  • Clear anything stored in it
  • Remove parts such as cases, lids or covers which have printed instructions or formulas
  • Do not bring into the examination room any operating instructions or prepared programs.