Exam Centre

Taking exams is a stressful time for everyone, but if you follow the guidance provided by the Exams Office, it will help you to navigate your way through to successful completion.

It is very important that students arrive on time for all their exams and is particularly helpful if you would try to be at the examination venue 10 minutes before the start time.  It is also important to the smooth running of the examinations that students have the correct equipment with them, as well as have a clear understanding of those items which are not permitted in the examinations room.  This information is detailed in our guides below.

A Guide to Essential Exam Equipment

A Guide to Unauthorised Exam Equipment

We also produce a booklet entitled A Comprehensive Guide to Examinations at Crickhowell High School 2018-19, which tells you everything you need to know about how to prepare for and to sit exams, with extensive information on the whole exams process.  The booklet is updated each year and is available for download below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Examinations at CHS 2018-19

All morning examinations start promptly at 9.00 am and afternoon sessions start at 1.00 pm unless otherwise advised.

The emergency contact number for the Examinations Officer, Jay Shipley, is 01873 813543.  If there is an emergency, students must email her prior to their scheduled exam. If a student has lost their personal exam timetable, please contact Jay, either at school or via email on exams@crickhowell-hs.powys.sch.uk, to request a new one.

For a timetable of all GCSE or AS / A2 exams being taken in the academic year 2018 / 2019, please click on the relevant icon below or you can download a pdf copy instead. 

GCSE Exam Timetables 2018-19
AS & A2 Exam Timetables 2018-19

Please note that these timetables are currently provisional and information may be changed once these have been finalised.  A copy of the timetables may be downloaded from the respective page.

Please note that where dates have been given for non-examination assessments, these are internal deadlines specifically set to allow sufficient time for the whole assessment process to be completed.