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GCSE English Language

Our new English syllabus presents us with some different challenges:

Exams at the end of Year 10; coursework done under exam conditions with short prepared notes and a study of the changes in spoken English.

40% of the assessment will be by an examination based on the reading of non-fiction texts, such as magazine/newspaper articles and writing based on information and ideas, such as letters and leaflets.

60% will be done under ‘controlled conditions’. This will take the form of a supervised exam on poetry, a play and a novel from a different culture to ours. This will also include a speaking and listening assessment which takes place throughout the course.

GCSE English Literature

The English Literature course is a demanding one. We expect to enter the great majority of students for this course, which is taught alongside English Language, but it is dependent on students keeping up-to-date with their work.

There are two exam papers:

  • One deals with writing about unseen poetry and a novel from a different culture
  • the other paper involves writing about a play and a modern novel.

25% of the course will be assessed by a controlled assessment comparing the themes of a selection of poetry with a Shakespeare play. This will be done under examination-like conditions with the aid of short, prepared class notes.