Crickhowell Community Library

Crickhowell Community Library is managed by Crickhowell High School in partnership with Powys Library Services for the benefit of its students and the community.  Some improvements have been implemented to update the interior, which is a lively, welcoming and friendly space for all.

Facilities include free Wifi, internet access, a printer, scanner, photocopier and the daily newspapers.  We’re also working to develop a programme of activities throughout the week.

The library is also available to hire for meetings and other activities outside the normal opening hours.  For more information, contact the library on 01873 810997.

Crickhowell Library Community Garden

If you visit Crickhowell Library, take a moment to visit the lovely community garden, created by the hard work and enthusiasm of a group of volunteers, which turned a rather unloved and underused space into the  community garden we have today.  With support from Crickhowell High School, Crickhowell District and Community Partnership, the Friends of Crickhowell Library and the Percy Davis Trust, there are now picnic tables, a bench and pollinator friendly planting.

The garden has a home-made feel with planters made out of pallets, and a repurposed cabinet used as a bug house. Volunteers of all ages painted signs, spread bark, planted herbs and filled the bug house.  People became involved and added their own personal touch to the garden.

More garden activity days are planned for the future and if you’d like to find out more email

You can also keep up to date with what’s happening at Crickhowell Library, either through our web pages here or by following the Friends of Crickhowell Library Facebook page at

Library Opening Hours

To find out more about what Powys Libraries have to offer, please visit their website at  Alternatively you can follow them on Facebook at or Twitter at

Contact details for Crickhowell Community Library are:

What Our Students Have to Say

Here are some thoughts about reading from the student literacy ambassadors, who are also on the Pupil Library Committee:

“Reading helps give an understanding of other subjects as well as English.  I would recommend the ‘Alex Rider’ character as a brilliant series to read.”  – Gruff, 7M

“Reading calms your body and sorts any emotional problems.  Reading also makes you much more creative and imaginative.  I recommend the ‘Percy Jackson’ series for reading.”  -Cian, 7M

“I enjoy my visits to the library as it’s nice to chill and read.” – Emma, 8H

“I think reading is good for people because it can fuel people’s imagination and creativity.”  -Isabelle, 8H

“I like reading books to keep the imagination alive and it helps me write in class.” -Emma 8H