Eco-schools Websites

  1. (Has information about the Eco-school and Green Flag programmes)
  2. (a good site for information on projects in Wales and it has a useful link about Eco-schools)
  3. (website about Eco-schools in Powys)
  4. (See information about the Make the Switch campaign and tips on saving energy – reduce your bills as well as the planet!)
  5. (A great site on what we can do to reduce litter and why you should bother.)
  6. (Find out why water is a precious resource even here in Wales and what you can do to reduce the amount you use.
  7. (What can you do to reduce waste in our local area?)
  8. (Find out about how the way in which we get around can impact on the planet.)

Healthy Schools Websites

  1. (information on healthy schools in Powys.  The site includes a link for Healthy Schools which has a further 6 links about different questions on Healthy Schools)
  2. (a site by the Food Standards Agency- includes information on healthy diets, understanding food labelling etc.)
  3. (Great tips on how and why you should live a healthier life – Look good and feel great!)
  4. (Find out about the activities you can get involved in at Brecon Leisure Centre.)
  5. (Details on what you can take part in to keep fit in Abergavenny Leisure Centre.)
  6. (Find out how to get some fresh air and involved in walks around the stunning countryside of Powys)
  7. (Information on bullying and advice on how to deal with difficult situations.)
  8. (Information on the impact drugs have on your mind and body.)
  9. (Practical advice and information about sex, love and relationships)