Action Plan 10-11

Topic Action to be taken and aim. Date to be carried out Responsibility Monitoring of Results
Healthy living Hold a ‘Cook it!’ club and competition to promote healthy eating.


Summer ‘11 M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator , C. Austin and O. Troffigue -ADT N.Brown, ICT Technician.


Assembly on scheme in the start of June.  Healthy dishes judged following cooking sessions in Food Tech.  Photos taken. Presentation meeting with feedback from pupils.  Suggestions noted.
Healthy living

Use nutrition software package in lessons and clubs so that pupils can learn the nutritional values of different foods and recipes.


June ‘11 M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator, C. Jones Food Technology, N.Brown, ICT Technician.


Pupils were shown how to use it during Cook It Club and are also able to use it during lunchtimes through any school PC.


Healthy living

Buy picnic tables to be placed outside the canteen to provide an outdoor eating area. Summer ‘11 M. Jones, Eco-Coordinator and J. Parker, Head. 6 picnic tables to be ordered in June, following positive feedback from pupils about picnic tables near 6th Form block.


Healthy living

Build a fence and install new bins to create a picnic area outside the canteen. Summer’11 M.Jones, Eco-Coordinator, J. Pugh R.S. and J. Parker, Head. Usage of area monitored and pupils feedback views via Eco Committee.
Healthy living Evaluate last years 5×60 scheme to establish pupil’s opinions and introduce new activities, with the aim to encourage a wider range of participants.


Autumn’10, Spring and Summer ‘11 J. Ralph – 5×60 Coordinator.



Completed questionnaires give valuable feedback.  Successful schemes continued and new activities introduced.  New participants including 6th form and even staff!


Healthy living Hold a 1 mile fun run around the town as part of Comic Relief, to encourage participation in exercise and to raise money for charity.


18th March’10 A. Dawkins, H. of P.E organising and all staff taking part.


Photos of all pupils and staff involved in the event.  Money raised for Comic Relief.
Healthy living

Sign up to the Bikes4School scheme and promote to pupils to encourage them to cycle as a form of exercise.


Dec’10 and Jan’11 Eco Committee and M. Jones Bikes4schools leaflets distributed to every pupil in December.  Article written for the school newsletter and website.
Healthy living

Chicken wraps introduced to break times to replace unhealthy options.


Oct’10 Jan, Head of Canteen and canteen staff. Sales figures, photos of results and opinions of customers.
Healthy living Oven cook chips when they are served once a week rather than using a deep fat fryer.


Feb ‘11 Jan, Head of Canteen and canteen staff. New electrical ovens ordered for February half term.  Photos of new cooking method feedback from pupils and staff.
Healthy living Buy and install an improved salad bar container/display unit.  To improve the variety of pasta and salad items available.  Hopefully will result in increased sales of the healthy options.


Summer’11 Jan, Head of Canteen and canteen staff. New salad bar to be ordered and used each lunchtime.  Photos of results.  Quantity of salad and pasta used monitored before and after.  Feedback from pupils and staff.
Healthy living

Staff room repainted and refurbished to improve staff wellbeing by providing a better environment to relax.


Autumn’10 M. Jones and J.Parker Staff survey carried out to identify improvements desired.  Staff room repainted, furniture replaced, new pictures placed up and dishwasher installed.
Healthy living

Free Fair Trade tea and coffee provided in the staff room for all staff.  Sandwiches provided to staff at 3.45pm before each consultation evening.


Sept’10 and ongoing J. Parker, Head and J. Dawkins. Feedback from staff is very positive.


Healthy living

Hold a Well Being Day with Jamie Baulch and other Olympic athletes to promote healthy living and achieving goals.  Pupil’s to wear sports clothes on the day.


14th April J. Parker, Head and A. Dawkins, Head of P.E. Survey conducted on pupils on success of the day.  Photos taken of the fitness circuits and motivational talk taking place.
Healthy living

Ski trip to Zell am See, Austria open to all pupils.  Aiming to allow pupils to experience other cultures and enjoy an exciting winter sport. Dec 2010 A. Dawkins, Head of P.E.  S. Dawkins  – Deputy Head Positive feedback from pupils and parents.  Photos taken of pupils skiing and snowboarding.
Healthy living

Defibrillator training arranged for a group of pupils and staff, so that we are better prepared in case of an emergency. Autumn’10 CRiC Centre, J. Parker The group of pupils and staff have been successfully trained and received certificates.  A defibrillator has been installed in school in reception.


Healthy living

World Aids Day – have an assembly and sell red ribbons to raise awareness of the issue of HIV and AID’s. Dec 1st ‘10 M. Jones, J. Clarke Assembly given to sixth form.  Sixth form volunteers sold 100 red ribbons to pupils and staff.


Energy Apply for grant to install solar panels on the roof of the school.  To reduce the carbon footprint of the high school, raise money to develop new ESDGC projects and to be used as a teaching resource.


Autumn’10 Dr G. Williams, H. of Biology. Grant forms completed and quotes from energy companies compiled.  Grant offer received from LCBP 2 but requires match funding.  Waiting for more funds from private companies and charities to proceed.



Measure area of south facing roof space to see how much energy can be generated using solar panels. Autumn’10


Dr G. Williams, H. of Biology. and M. Jones Roof space measured then area of south facing roof calculated and annotated onto a map from Google.

Work in partnership with Green Valleys to apply for solar panels and have them installed as soon as possible, to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Spring and summer ’11 J. Parker, Head, Dr G. Williams, H. of Biology. and M. Jones.  M. Butterfield – Green Valleys Meetings held in January with Green Valleys and Powys County Council to agree on next steps.  Green Valleys met with British Gas in March and they are now putting a plan together to install the panels.  Planning permission is now being sought.



Invite in Enica, an energy consultancy company to conduct an energy audit of the school.



Spring’11 Enica Consultancy, J. Parker, R.Warner, G. Williams, M. Jones Enica completed audit in January and results were sent to us in April.  Reccomendations made.

Get graphs of the official energy companies measurements and start pupils taking weekly measurements of energy use.


Summer’11 R. Warner – Caretaker, G. Williams, M. Jones.

Powys County Council

Successful meeting with Powys County Council in which they have given us access to their official measurements of electricity and gas consumption.  Graphs available.  Pupils will start taking own weekly measurements of school energy use with caretaker from June.

Implement recommendations of the energy audit.  Adjust thermostats.  Make pupils and staff aware of how to save energy.


Summer’11 N. Brown – Technician,

R. Warner – Caretaker

Thermostats are to be updated in June, posters will be placed up about saving energy and messages will be sent by e-mail.  Graphs of before and after can be compared.



Work in partnership with Crickhowell Primary and the CRiC Centre to undertake a series community litter pick as part of Keep Wales Tidy week.


Sept’10 M. Jones, Kerry Crossfield – CriC Centre, Crickhowell Primary School


20 new litter pickers bought before the event.  Photos taken of the litter pick taking place.  Bullpit Meadow and other spaces around the town cleared of litter.  Article written for the newsletter and local papers.





Introduce a DVD on litter in Hawaii to PSE topic of Eco Schools Autumn’10 M.  Finnis –  Member of local community and M. Jones M. Finnis came to see me about the build up of litter of the summer holiday in the stream and grounds and donated a DVD to help explain the wider impact of dropping litter.  The DVD is now shown in PSE lessons and M Finnis has since observed that this has made a positive difference.



New bins outside sixth form block to reduce litter. Spring ‘10 K. Thomas- Head of Sixth Form and R. Warner. K. Thomas consulted with 6th form pupils and they identified a need for more bins outside the 2 entrances of the 6th form block.  These have been put in place and litter has visibly reduced.



Hold a poster competition on Litter.  Then display posters around the school, with the aim to reduce the amount of litter being dropped.


Autumn ‘10 M. Jones PSE teacher and Eco-committee Superb posters created and work displayed around school.  Less litter observed following competition.

Present an assembly on litter to raise awareness of the damage caused.



Summer ‘10




Eco Committee


Assembly delivered by Eco Committee to all key stages.  Photo’s taken.  Reduction in litter observed following assembly.



Undertake litter picks within lessons and during lunchtimes with the aim of reducing litter left after the weekend and holidays. Ongoing weekly activity. R. Warner – Caretaker.  P.E. and PSE teachers, with pupils. School grounds clear of litter.  Monitoring by observation and feedback from staff and pupils in Eco-Committee Meetings.
Waste minimisation

Liaise with the new reprographics co-ordinator to ensure that all photocopying is carried out back to back and reduced where appropriate to save paper.


Autumn ‘10 H. Parker – Reprographics Feedback from H. Parker to the Eco-Committee.  Less paper being used per week.
Waste minimisation

Liaise with staff in briefing and request that all waste paper is kept for use as ‘scrap paper’ for rough planning or placed in the blue bins for recycling if it cannot be reused.


Autumn ‘10 All staff.  (Teaching and admin) Scrap paper collected and available in classrooms, as well as a reduction of rubbish in black bags, as reported by the cleaning staff.



Waste minimisation

Collect in Christmas cards from pupils and staff for recycling. Jan’10 Eco-Committee, H. Sanders – Reprographics Box place in library and notice placed on the LCD to promote scheme.  5 bags full of Christmas cards collected and recycled.  Photos taken.


Waste minimisation

Cardboard recycling – Speak to canteen staff, caretaker, admin and teaching staff to make sure all cardboard is placed in the bank.


Autumn’10 M. Jones,  all staff Message announced in briefing to teaching staff and others spoken to by M. Jones.  Amount of cardboard recycled recorded – figures received by Powys CC Recycling Team.
Waste minimisation

Paper recycling – Cleaning staff have been informed by Powys that they are only to collect rubbish bags only.  Pupils need to collect paper from class rooms so that it is not thrown out with the rubbish.


Autumn’10 M. Jones – ESDGC Coordinator. Sixth form volunteers empty paper recycling bins found in class rooms once a week during registration.  Number of bags collected noted.  Bins observed to be clear and cleaning staff are happy that paper is being cleared so there is no fire risk.


Waste minimisation

Clothes recycling – Rag Tag scheme researched and voted on as a new collector of unwanted clothes from the school.


Autumn’10 J. Pugh – Head of R.S. Messages given out in staff briefing and assembly.  Clothes collected by Rag Tag and donated to charity.  Money raised for Eco-Schools projects within school.  Records kept of amount collected.


Water Liaise with form tutors in briefing to encourage pupils to use a refillable water container and to fill up at water fountains.


Spring ‘11 Form tutors and pupils. More pupils observed using water fountains around school and using refillable containers.


Water Order a water container for pupils and staff to use in the dining hall Summer’11 Jan – Head of Canteen Catalogue ordered from Powys Catering Services.  New water container will be ordered for use in the dining hall.



Make the school car park safer by enforcing the ban of cars from entering the school car park at the start and end of the school day.  Cones placed at the entrance to car park and staff given areas of responsibility to ensure the public are complying.


Autumn ‘09

– Ongoing

J Parker, Head Teacher. I. Boreham – Deputy Head.  All Staff Staff informed of the new rota.  Less traffic observed in the car park and pupils safer as a result.  Photos taken before and after.



Campaign for a zebra crossing to be place in New Road to make pupils safer when travelling to school.  Hold a PACT meeting.


Autumn ‘09 J. Parker –Head.  Eco Committee.  Local Police and Community Safety Officer.


Zebra crossing placed in Oct’10 following a successful PACT meeting held in the Summer.  Traffic speeds reduced along New Road as a result and pupils are safer when travelling to school.



Sign up to the Bikes4School scheme and promote to pupils to encourage them to cycle as a form of exercise.


Dec’10 and Jan’11 Eco Committee and M. Jones Bikes4schools leaflets distributed to every pupil in December.  Article written for the school newsletter and website.
Global citizenship Organise an Eco Awareness Week.  Carry out assembly.  Then have a stall selling Fair Trade products in the foyer on Eco Day.  Non school uniform to raise money for the RNLI.


Summer ‘10 J. Pugh, Humanities Teacher.  M. Jones and the Eco Committee Assembly to be carried out to pupils about the RNLI and Fair Trade.  Photos to be taken.  Amount of money raised recorded.
Global citizenship

Comic Relief Day – Have a whole school event to raise awareness of the issues such as poverty and HIV/AID’s in the UK and Africa.  Assemblies and posters to promote event.  Money to be raised selling Red Noses and collecting change before the event.  Fancy dress competition, stalls selling Fair Trade products and activities in the day, such as a fun run around town in the afternoon.


Spring ‘11 Eco Committee M. Jones – ESDGC Coordinator, J. Pugh – Head of R.S.

All staff.

Eco Committee organised and presented an assembly to the pupils of all key stages.  The day was a fantastic success with all staff and pupils having a full day off timetable to engage in the activities.  Many photos were taken and articles were published in the local press.  Records were kept of the amount of money raised by the different schemes and a grand total of £6,500 was raised for Comic Relief.  Surveys were conducted following the events.


Global citizenship

Fair Trade Fortnight – Create and deliver an assembly, put up posters, have a fair-trade stall and raffle.

Hold a community event where volunteers will go into Crickhowell town centre and promote Fair Trade to local people and businesses.




Feb 28th – Mar 11th ‘11 Eco Committee M. Jones – ESDGC Coordinator, J. Pugh – Head of R.S. Eco Committee successfully research and delivered an assembly to all year groups.  Posters were placed up to promote the logo.  Fair trade products were sold on a stall during break and lunch times in Fair Trade Fortnight.  Raffle tickets sold during fortnight and drawn on Comic Relief Day.

6th form volunteers successfully promoted the event in Crickhowell Town Centre.  Fruit sold and postcards about Fair Trade distributed.


School grounds

New posters and displays of inspirational people to be placed around the school to improve the learning environment.


Autumn ‘10 J. Baker Chair of Eco Committee, M. Jones and R. Warner. Posters researched and decided on by J. Baker and ordered by M. Jones.  R. Warner placed up around the school.  Positive feedback from pupils.
School grounds Focus on the Crocus – a scheme completed in partnership with the Rotary club of Crickhowell, which will involve planting of crocus bulbs to raise awareness of Polio.  An assembly will be researched and delivered by the Eco Committee so that pupils understand the purpose of planting the flowers.


Autumn’10 A. Jones – Rotary Club of Crickhowell.  M. Jones, P. Noblett Assembly researched and delivered by Eco Committee to all key stages in assemblies.  2000 bulbs planted in total by pupils of key stage 3, with sixth form and staff volunteers.  Photos taken of planting and of bulbs.  Posters made in lessons.  Survey completed following the activity.


School grounds Buy picnic tables to be placed outside the canteen to create an outdoor learning area. Summer ‘11 M. Jones, Eco-Coordinator and J. Parker, Head. 6 picnic tables to be ordered in June, photos taken before and after.  Surveys of opinions will be carried out.


School grounds

Fence off area where bins are located to improve the landscape and limit the access of bins to reduce pests.


Summer ‘11 J. Parker –Head, J. Pugh – Head of R.S. Photos taken before and after.  Staff and pupil feedback will be sought.
School grounds



Organise a series of Riverside Rescue events where pupils and staff volunteer to help clean up litter from the stream that flows through the school. Autumn, Spring and Summer ‘10


M. Jones, Eco-Coordinator, Dr G. Williams, other staff and pupil volunteers. Stream is now free of litter after a number of bags of rubbish were removed by the Riverside Rescue events.
School grounds

Renovate and refurbish the demountable


Spring’10 J. Parker, Head, R. Warner, C. Gilbert – P.E. teacher Demountable fully renovated and refurbished creating a new classroom.  Photos taken and feedback given from staff and pupils.