Action Plan 09-10

Topic Action to be taken and aim. Date to be carried out Responsibility Monitoring of Results
Healthy living Write articles for the school newsletter to promote healthy living and make the community aware of our schemes.


Autumn, Spring and Summer ’10 Eco-Committee Newsletter published with articles, including dedicated Eco-Newsletter in Summer’10
Healthy living Hold a ‘Cook it!’ club and competition to promote healthy eating.


Summer ‘10 M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator, C Jenkins and C. Jones – Food Technology, N.Brown, ICT Technician.


Assembly on scheme in the start of June.  Healthy dishes judged following cooking sessions in Food Tech.  Photos taken. Presentation meeting with feedback from pupils.  Suggestions noted.
Healthy living

Buy nutrition software package for the school and install on the school network so that pupils can learn the nutritional values of different foods and recipes.


March ‘10 M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator, C Jenkins – Food Technology, N.Brown, ICT Technician.


Software ordered and installed on network.  Pupils were shown how to use it during food technology lessons and are also able to use it during lunchtimes through any school PC.


Healthy living Evaluate last years 5×60 scheme to establish pupil’s opinions and introduce new activities, with the aim to encourage a wider range of participants.


Autumn, Spring and Summer ‘10 J. Ralph – 5×60 Coordinator.



Completed questionnaires give valuable feedback.  Successful schemes continued and new activities introduced.  New participants including 6th form and even staff!


Healthy living Hold a 1 mile fun run on the school fields as part of Sport Relief, to encourage participation in exercise and to raise money for charity.



Spring’10 A. Dawkins, H. of P.E organising and all staff taking part.


Photos of all pupils and staff involved in the event.  Over £700 raised for Sport Relief.
Energy Apply for grant to install solar panels on the roof of the school.  To reduce the carbon footprint of the high school, raise money to develop new ESDGC projects and to be used as a teaching resource.




Autumn and Spring’10 Dr G. Williams, H. of Biology. Grant forms completed and quotes from energy companies compiled.  Grant offer received from LCBP 2 but requires match funding.  Waiting for more funds from private companies and charities to proceed.




Create questionnaire with R.S.S about energy usage and opinions on climate change and distribute to all Yr 10 pupils. Sept ‘09



John Shrouder – Royal Statistical Society, M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator. 118 questionnaires successfully carried out and data entered by Yr 10 pupils in ICT.  Spreadsheets of results created.




Liaise with the Royal Statistical Society to organise a whole school event that promotes energy saving and reducing carbon footprints. ‘Planet Earth Day’


Oct ‘09


John Shrouder – Royal Statistical Society, S. Khondrin – H. of Maths, M. Jones – Eco-Coordinator and I. Boreham – Assistant Head. Successful event held on 20th Oct ’09.  All Yr 10 pupils engaged in discussions on climate change.  Photos of the day taken.  Article written in the local newspaper.  Graphs of results produced.  Positive feedback received from pupils in evaluation forms.




Make politicians aware of how strongly we feel about acting now on climate change but completing a petition to send to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.


Nov, Dec ‘09 M. Jones, Eco Coordinator, Eco Committee and John Schrouder Petition designed by Committee and signed by over 500 people, both pupils and staff.  Petition delivered to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen by John Schrouder who cycled there from Crickhowell.  Delivered to Arch Bishop Desmond TuTu.  Photos and video footage on website and copies of the petition made.



Hold a poster competition on Litter.  Then display posters around the school, with the aim to reduce the amount of litter being dropped.


Autumn ‘09 M. Jones PSE teacher and Eco-committee Superb posters created and work displayed around school.  Less litter observed following competition.

Present an assembly on litter to raise awareness of the damage caused.



Autumn ‘09




M. Jones Eco Co-ordinator and Yr 8 pupils from PSE lessons


Assembly delivered by Year 8 form to KS3.  Photo’s taken.  Reduction in litter observed following assembly.


Litter Compare prices of litter pickers and then buy from best value supplier, to replace current litter pickers that have broken mechanisms.


Summer ’10 F. Parry-Jones, Chair of Eco-Committee, M. Jones, Eco-Coordinator Best value found to be ‘Gripper Grabbers’ from B&M Bargains at £1.99 each.  10 bought and then used in litter picks.  Photos taken of pupils in action.



Undertake litter picks within lessons and during lunchtimes with the aim of reducing litter left after the weekend and holidays. Ongoing weekly activity. R. Warner – Caretaker.  P.E. and PSE teachers, with pupils. School grounds clear of litter.  Monitoring by observation and feedback from staff and pupils in Eco-Committee Meetings.
Waste minimisation

Liaise with the reprographics co-ordinator to ensure that all photocopying is carried out back to back and reduced where appropriate to save paper.


Autumn ‘09 H. Sanders – Reprographics Feedback from H. Sanders to the Eco-Committee.  Less paper being used per week.
Waste minimisation

Liaise with staff in briefing and request that all waste paper is kept for use as ‘scrap paper’ for rough planning or placed in the blue bins for recycling if it cannot be reused.


Autumn ‘09 All staff.  (Teaching and admin) Scrap paper collected and available in classrooms, as well as a reduction of rubbish in black bags, as reported by the cleaning staff.



Waste minimisation

Collect in Christmas cards from pupils and staff for recycling. Jan’10 Eco-Committee, H. Sanders – Reprographics Box place in library and notice placed on the LCD to promote scheme.  4 bags full of Christmas cards collected.  Photos taken.


Water Liaise with form tutors in briefing to encourage pupils to use a refillable water container and to fill up at water fountains.


Spring ‘10 Form tutors and pupils. More pupils observed using water fountains around school and using refillable containers.


Water Raise awareness that water is a very precious resource and develop lessons based around the sustainability of water.


Spring and Summer’10 P. Noblett, H. of Geography New scheme of work created for geography at A2 level dedicated to the sustainability of water.


Water Hold an Eco Day where pupils dress in green and bring in a £1 to raise money for Water Aid.


8th July ‘10 M. Jones, J. Parker Pupils Assemblies held on the day that raised awareness of the vital role water plays in peoples’ lives and the work of WaterAid.  £450 raised for the charity.





Make the school car park safer by banning cars entering and leaving the car park for 30 minutes when school opens and closes. Autumn ‘09 A. Timpson, Head Teacher. Less traffic observed in the car park and pupils safer as a result.



Campaign for a zebra crossing to be place in New Road to make pupils safer when travelling to school.  Hold a PACT meeting.


Summer ‘09 A. Timpson, Head Teacher.  Eco Committee.  Local Police and Community Safety Officer.


A successful PACT meeting held in the Summer.  Eco Committee explained to police officers that pupils would feel safer when travelling to school.
Global citizenship Organise an Eco Awareness Week.  Carry out assembly to raise the profile of Fair Trade.  Then have a stall selling Fair Trade products in the foyer on Eco Day.


Summer ‘10 J. Pugh, Humanities Teacher.  M. Jones and the Eco Committee Assembly carried out to pupils.  All products purchased by pupils.  Positive feedback from pupils in Committee Meetings.
Global citizenship Conduct a walk around Llangorse to raise money for Christian Aid. May ‘10 J. Pugh, H. of R.S. Photos of the day.  Feedback from staff and pupils involved in the walk.  Over £150 raised for charity.
Global citizenship

Organise a stall selling fair trade fruit and snacks to raise money and awareness of Christian Aid.  Inform pupils of charity through assembly.



Jan ‘10 Eco Committee Awareness of Christian Aid rose through assemblies. Photos of stall were taken.  Over £500 raised for Christian Aid.
Global citizenship

Run a performing arts event called ‘Verdis Incendia’ which will use music, poems, art and performances to raise awareness of other cultures and environmental issues.



Feb ‘10 J. Clarke, English and Performing Arts.


Photos of pupils taking part in the event.  Pupils learned about issues and had fun performing.  Feedback from pupils via committee.


Global citizenship

Invite Lepra in to school to hold an assembly with the aim to raise money and awareness about Leprosy.



Summer ‘10 J. Pugh, Head of Humanities and Lepra. Assembly held with Year 7 in June ’10 and to be followed with ‘Work out’ to raise money.
Global citizenship

Work with the Rotary Club and feeder primaries to raise awareness and money for Shelter Box following the earthquake in Haiti.


Jan ‘10 J. Pugh, Head of Humanities, A. Dawkins, H. of Upper School and Shelter Box.


Assemblies given by Shelter Box to all pupils and awareness raised about what the charity does to help people.  Fund raising day resulted in a total of £4000 being collected. This was used to purchase 8 Shelter Box boxes to send to Haiti, providing direct assistance to 80 people.



School grounds Start a gardening club for pupils to join called ‘Glamorous Gardeners’ Weed the school garden and plant some new flowers and shrubs.  Target to make the school grounds more attractive.



Summer ‘10 Dr G. Williams, H. of Biology, Eco-Committee and pupil volunteers. Glamorous Gardeners promoted to pupils in assemblies.  12 pupils from across all key stages involved in first session of the gardening club.  Area next to P.E. exit chosen as first area to improve.  Litter and weeds were removed so that it looks more attractive.  Photos taken.


School grounds Organise a series of Riverside Rescue events where pupils and staff volunteer to help clean up litter from the stream that flows through the school.



Spring and Summer ‘10 M. Jones, Eco-Coordinator, Dr G. Williams, other staff and pupil volunteers. Stream is now free of litter after a number of bags of rubbish were removed by the Riverside Rescue events.
School grounds

Order a bench, a memorial plaque and plant a tree in memory of Callum Hutton.  Decide on location to place them within school and hold a ceremony of remembrance.



Autumn ’09 and Spring ‘10 J. Parker, Deputy Head.

Eco Committee

Bench and plaque ordered Autumn’09.  Assemblies and ceremony held for all family and friends in February ’10.  Bench placed and tree planted in an area next to the school fields where Callum used to sit.