Developing the Welsh Language and Culture

Crickhowell High School celebrates an enthusiasm for all things Welsh.

‘The Welsh Language is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the education system in Wales’ (Building Excellent Schools Together – Chapter 5). It remains that the furtherance of the Welsh Language at Crickhowell High School is essential for those who are a part of it and for the wider benefit of Wales. If we are serious about giving every young person a real opportunity of experiencing, and contributing to, the rich and rewarding cultural heritage of Wales, the school must face the challenge of not only giving every pupil a chance to learn the language, but broaden its brief to embrace all matters that would involve being Welsh.


  • To create a Welsh ethos within our school by emphasising the importance of the language and encouraging the use of incidental Welsh in day to day routines and practices.
  • To use Welsh naturally in the everyday life of the school in order to foster an awareness of the advantages of bilingualism.
  • To take opportunities during the course of the school day to speak Welsh alongside English. We aim to reinforce Welsh as a naturally spoken language at times such as morning and afternoon registration and greetings and instructions in assemblies. We encourage pupils to develop an awareness of Wales as a country with two languages and its own heritage.
  • To celebrate Welsh culture.

Increasing the number of Welsh speakers and the number of people who use the Welsh language in their daily lives are currently government priorities.

The advantages of increased bilingualism are as follows:

  • Extending language skills for the workplace.
  • Expanding horizons and enriching experience of life.
  • Enhancing intellectual growth and mental agility.
  • Gaining an appreciation of diversity.


  • Crickhowell High School will endeavour to reflect the life of community in such a way to ensure that pupils have opportunities of extending their personal interests together with the knowledge of the language, culture and heritage of Wales.
  • The school will have a positive corporate image and the ethos will reflect its determination to further the Welsh dimension.
  • The school will maintain its statutory obligation to provide lessons in the Welsh Language at Key Stages 3 and 4.
  • Further, the curriculum at Crickhowell High school will reflect the changing nature of Welsh society and prepare its pupils for the demands of that society.


The Governing Body should receive appropriate reports from the Headteacher as the need arises.

The Headteacher should:

  • Publicise the School’s policy on the promotion and support of Welsh culture activities and give it a high priority in school.
  • Monitor progress made.
  • Ensure that parents/guardians are informed about this strategy.
  • Liaise with the LEA where appropriate.
  • Initiate with appropriate staff strategies to improve the provision of Welsh Culture.

The SMT should:

  • Assist the Headteacher in the promotion of Welsh Culture.
  • Collaborate with HOYs in the promotion of Welsh Culture.

Heads of Year should:

  • Work in partnership with pupils to promote Welsh Culture as individual, group or corporate.

Form Teachers should:

  • Explore with pupils ideas for promoting Welsh Culture.

Classroom Teachers should:

  • During their lessons, apply appropriate examples from Wales of activities that may or may not have a national identity.

School’s Council should:

  • Explore with pupils ideas for promoting Welsh Culture.






Welsh Department



Teaching the Language

Welsh Culture


School Assemblies

Incidental Welsh during INSET

Welsh lessons for staff

Urdd trips

Promoting its activities, literature, music, S4C, Leading the Eisteddfod as a major School Calendar Event giving Welsh a prominent spot in the service.

Supporting staff in their use of incidental Welsh






Whole School



Supporting Bilingualism

Extra-Curricular Activities



Carol Service

Signs, publications, web-based, etc.

Urdd, music etc.

Support for its organisation and place of prominence in the school calendar.

Reinforce sound relationships between feeder schools and ourselves – enhances curriculum 5 -14.

Readings, music


Year Group and House System

Welsh Assemblies

House activities – Eisteddfod

Encouraging Year Tutors and House Leaders to include a Welsh dimension to assemblies











DT, Food and Textiles






Media Studies


Physical Education

Religious Studies






Cwricwlwm Cymraeg


The unique position of the Welsh Language and Welsh Culture can be promoted through subjects that add a Welsh dimension in the wider sense to their Schemes of Work. This school sees the need to prepare pupils for the increased number of career opportunities that now exist to citizens who possess varying degrees of proficiency in English and Welsh alongside other European languages.

Form Tutors  Welsh Themed Assemblies  

Mrs J Parker, Headteacher, Crickhowell High School

Mr Alan Peggrem, Chair of Governing Body, Crickhowell High School