The School Day

The format of a regular school day is set out below.  Click on the link to download a copy of this file, along with details of  drop-off / collection times.  You can also download a copy of the school annual calendar.  Please bear in mind that this file is updated on a regular basis,so please check to ensure you have the latest copy.

The School Day

CHS Annual Calendar 2018-19

School Drop-off and Collection

Parents / carers / guardians who regularly bring students to school by car and would like to use the school car park to drop them off are requested to do so prior to 8.20 am.  After this time, the school car park will be closed to all vehicular traffic with the exception of school buses.  We will operate barriers across the car park entrance at this time.

The safety of our students is of paramount importance to us and we operate this system with the aim of optimizing the safety of our students disembarking from the buses and walking to the school buildings.  This system will remain in place until such time as we are able to implement plans to increase the size of the car park and to have a specific zone for dropping off / collecting students.

Between 8.20am and 3.40 pm, access to the school site is restricted under the Education Act 1976, except to authorized vehicles.

Parents / carers / guardians may collect students from the school car park after 3.40pm or when the last bus has left the car park.  Barriers will be in operation across the entrance at 3.15 pm.

The School Management respectfully requests that all users of the school car park adhere to the following:

  • Those dropping off / collecting students when the school car park is closed must do so safely and lawfully.
  • Students must use footpaths and legal crossings at all times.
  • Students waiting to be collected after the car park reopens should wait in the LRC.
  • Please adhere to the stated speed limit in the car park of 5 mph

There may be occasions where it is necessary to enter the car park during peak hours.  Wherever possible, the school will strive to accommodate those needs, so please speak to the member of staff on duty at the car park entrance if such a need arises.

A summary of drop-off / collection times is shown below.