Languages Revision Guidance

GCSE French and German past papers can be accessed directly from these links in addition to mark schemes/ transcripts/ answers:



The MP3 files for the listening comprehensions at both foundation and higher levels can be accessed via the shared area. Please ask your teacher for details. General revision for modern languages.

Dictionary sites/apps



The DUOLINGO and MEMRISE apps are very useful. You should download these free apps. You can also access the dedicated websites. These are excellent for practising pronunciation and for building up your vocabulary.

GCSE POD, for which you have a user name and password, is very useful for French and German revision. There are videos, listening exercises and a variety of materials to help you.

The website is recommended by The Daily Telegraph for German and French revision. It has a wide variety of foreign language learning videos.

The BBC Languages website is also very comprehensive for French and German. You can watch authentic videos, learn more about grammar and structure and expand your range of vocabulary.

New “BBC Bitesize” French and German for GCSE