History Revision Guidance

WJEC Revision guide available for the WJEC on-line bookshop (or Amazon). Perhaps purchasing a textbook would be more beneficial

The in-house topic guides (there are 3 for Germany)are excellent for class use as well as for revision.

All PowerPoints are available on Student Shared area of website for revision, or if they have missed a lesson

Reading around the topic is very important, staring with the topic guide before attending the lesson. There are a number of key films for the Germany course e.g. Hitler: The Rise of Evil; Schindler’s List; Downfall; Swing Kids, Valkyrie, Sophie Scholl; The Boy in Striped Pyjamas; The Pianist to name but a few.

There is also an exam-busting workshop on 29th February 2016, cost £20 English pounds. Letters have been issued but the uptake has been slow!