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School Contact Details:

Crickhowell High School
New Road

Tel:  01873 813500


Leadership Team Contact Details
Mrs J Parker Headteacher Email:
Mr G Williams Deputy Headteacher – Excellence in Student Achievement & Aspiration Email:
Miss C Jones Assistant Headteacher – Excellence in Inclusion & Wellbeing Email:
Mr D Barry Assistant Headteacher – Excellence in Professional Standards & Learning Email:
Mrs A Hand
Associate Leadership – Excellence in Aspiration & Achievement
Mrs H O’Farrell
Associate Leadership – Excellence in High Performance Teaching & Learning
Mrs K Thomas Director of Sixth Form  Email:
School Child Protection Officers Contact Details
Mrs J Parker Headteacher Email:
Miss C Jones Assistant Headteacher – Excellence in Inclusion & Wellbeing
School Complaints Officer Contact Details
Miss C Jones Assistant Headteacher – Excellence in Inclusion & Wellbeing Email:
Progress Leaders Contact Details
Mrs H Sullivan
Mr M Godfrey
Year 7 Email:
Mrs G Walker
Year 8 Email:
Mrs C Harris
Year 9
Mr R Jeremiah Year 10 Email:
Miss G Panfilli Year 11
Mrs K Thomas Sixth Form Email:
Sixth Form Contact Details
Mrs A Hand
Leadership – Student Achievement
Miss C Jones
Assistant Headteacher – Excellence in Inclusion & Wellbeing Email:
Miss B Hagerty
Year 12 Progress Leader
Mrs C Gilbert
Year 13 Progress Leader
Mrs S Webb Sixth Form Co-ordinator Email:
ADT Faculty Contact Details
Mrs C Austin Director of Learning, Art & Design Technology Email:
Miss N Armitti Deputy Director of Learning, ADT
Mr O Sims Teacher, Design Technology (Product Design)
Miss L Bethel Teacher, Digital Art & Photography
Miss I White Teaching Assistant, Digital Art & Photography
English & Media Studies Faculty Contact Details
Mrs H O’Farrell Director of Learning, English & Media Studies Email:
Mrs M Watts
Learning Leader, English
Mr R. Jacob Teacher, English
Mrs A Maguire
Teacher, English
Mrs K Thomas Teacher, English (currently on secondment to ERW)
Mr H. Bowsher Teacher, Media Studies / English
Mrs M Pavett Teacher, English
Miss C Davies Teacher, English
Mr M Knight
Teacher, English
Active & Creative Arts Faculty Contact Details
Mrs A Maguire Director of Learning, Active & Creative Arts / Learning Leader, Drama

Mrs V Callow Learning Leader, Music
Miss D Owen Teacher, Music / Drama
Miss G Panfilli Teacher, Drama
Mrs C Gilbert Learning Leader, Physical Education & Healthy Living
Miss C Jones Teacher, Physical Education
Mr A York Teacher, Physical Education
Mr A Treharne Teacher, Physical Education
Humanities Faculty Contact Details
Mr M O Jones Director of Learning, Humanities
Mr L McErlaine Learning Leader, History
Miss B Hagerty Teacher, History
Mrs G Walker Teacher, Geography
Mr L Hart Learning Leader, Religious Studies
Miss C Chapman Teacher, Business & Law
Miss J Phillips Teacher, Pschology & Humanities
Mathematics & ICT Faculty Contact Details
Mrs A Hand Director of Learning, Mathematics
Mr J. Matthews
Learning Leader, Mathematics
Mr A Neill Deputy Director of Learning, Mathematics
Mrs H Sullivan Teacher, Mathematics (currently on maternity leave)
Mr R Jeremiah Teacher, Mathematics
Mrs N Thomas Teacher, Mathematics
Miss E Blease Teacher, Mathematics
Miss H White
Teacher, Mathematics
Mr A Lewis Acting Director of Learning, Computer Science / ICT & Digital Competency
Mr G Elliot Teacher, ICT
Modern Foreign Languages Faculty Contact Details
Mrs K. Bosley Director of Learning, Modern Foreign Languages & Welsh
Mrs V Carter Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Harris Learning Leader, French
Mrs K Neill Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages & Welsh
Miss R Thomas Teacher Modern Foreign Languages / Intl Co-ordinator
Mrs S Warfield-Reid Learning Leader, Welsh & Curriculum Cymreag
Ms K Jones Teacher, Welsh
Mr S Qin Teacher, Mandarin
Miss R Guangrong Zhang Teacher, Mandarin
Mrs J Treasure
Teacher, Latin
Science Faculty Contact Details
Mrs E Bush Director of Learning, Science / Learning Leader, Chemistry
Ms A Burbridge Learning Leader, Physics
Mr A McGrath Teacher, Science
Mrs R Ough-Jones Teacher, Chemistry
Mrs A Tremlett Teacher, Biology
Dr G Williams Teacher, Biology
Miss K Holmes Learning Leader, Biology
Mr J Mulholland
Teacher, Science
Ms L Newcombe Science Technician
Welsh Baccalaureate Contact Details
Mrs C Goold Director of Learning, Welsh Baccalaureate & PSE
Mr L Hart
Deputy Director, Welsh Baccalaureate & PSE
Higher Level Teaching Assistants / Cover Supervisors Contact Details
Mr C Richards Higher Level Teaching Assistant Email:
Additional Learning Needs / Teaching Assistants Contact Details
Mrs C Hall ALN Manager Email:
Mrs K Hinde Teaching Assistant
Miss C Brewster
Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Evans Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Overs B4LC / Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wilson Teaching Assistant
Ms I White Teaching Assistant, Art & Design Technology
Mrs E Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Whitfield EAL Tutor
IT Support Contact Details
Mr N Bird IT Manager Email:
Miss T Ware IT Technician
Mrs A McILROY Website / Social Media Email:
Administrative Staff Contact Details
Mrs C Canning Finance Officer Email:
Mrs S Webb Sixth Form Co-ordinator Email:
Mrs C Hasleham PA to Headteacher (currently on long-term sick leave)
Mrs C Mutlow Receptionist / Clerical Assistant Email:
Mrs D Shand Office Manager
Mrs E Van-Male Student Data Administrator
Mrs E Ebbatson Administrator
Mrs K Myatt
Student Support & Welfare Contact Details
Mr A Pole Pastoral Support Officer Email:
Miss J Shipley Examinations Officer Email:
Mrs H Sullivan Transition Manager (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs H O’Farrell
Transition Manager (acting)
Louise Jones School Nurse Email:
Based @ Brecon War Memorial Hospital

Mobile: 07966875682
Office: 01874 615675/615674
Normal working days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Site Management Contact Details
Mr R Warner Caretaker Email:
Other Staff Contact Details
Mrs F Kerman Lunchtime Supervisor / Head of Cleaning Email:
Mr D Matthews Lunchtime Supervisor / Assistant Caretaker
Mr E Gwilym Lunchtime Supervisor / Handyman
Mrs C Probert
Careers Wales Email:
Mrs S Kirkwood Clerk to the Board of Governors Email:
Miss A Lewis Community Sports Development Officer Email:

For those wishing to get in touch with the school Governors, please contact the Clerk.