Cashless Catering

Powys was the first county in Wales to have all schools operating a cashless payment system for school meals and other items.  A convenient, electronic payment method was introduced to parents, guardians and carers for a range of activities, including meals, trips and activities.

Crickhowell High School was the first school in the county to roll the system out on 14th March 2016.  Under the new system, payments for a range of school-based transactions can be pre-loaded and ’topped-up’ on an online account.  For those without internet access, there are local Pay-Point outlets available, such as newsagents, garages, convenience stores and other local retail outlets.  Through this system, parents / guardians / carers will also have the ability, if required, to see what their children are eating in school.  The system also informs catering staff of specific dietary requirements in relation to allergies.

The Cashless Catering system uses biometric (index finger or thumb print) information to make purchases.  For further information on biometrics and data security, please visit our web page at

Powys has recently implemented some price rises to the new menus to come into effect from 1st September 2018.  For information on this, as well as the new menu and price list for the autumn term, please click on the links below.

Powys School Meal Price Rises Ltr 072018

Powys Catering New Price List 072018

Powys Catering Autumn Winter Menus 2018-19


This is an easy and convenient method of payment.  The benefits include:

  • Top up your child’s account at a time to suit you
  • View balance online
  • See what your child has eaten
  • No need to find cash
  • Reduced queuing time in schools for pupils

Download the documents below for details on how to use the system:

ParentPay-How To Set Up An Account

ParentPay-How To Pay

ParentPay-How To Merge Or Add Accounts

ParentPay-How To Set Up Email Or Text Alerts

The online cashless provider is ParentPay Ltd.  There are two choices for topping up:

  • Visit the ParentPay website at to initially set up your child’s account.  You will need an activation letter which your school will provide.  This has details of your username and password.
  • Using a Paypoint card in local stores / shops.  To find your nearest paypoint outlet, visit the Paypoint website at .  In order to use this method, you will need to order a Paypoint card from your school.

Don’t forget that to use this system you must first log on to the ParentPay website to activate your account.  Visit their website at