• If your child is absent from School please contact us before 8:45am on telephone number 01873 813500 and tell us what is wrong.
  • If you know in advance your child is going to be away you should give your child a letter for their tutor giving the reasons and details.
  • The School can no longer Authorise term time holidays, these will count as an unauthorised absence

In the event of absence from lessons the pupil is expected to collect and complete work missed during the lessons.

Staff will inquire about and investigate unjustified absences, possibly with the help of the Welfare Officer. If there are problems we strongly recommend the pupil talk to someone, such as a teacher or their Tutor.

Attendance is now taken during each lesson, and Parents/Students will be able to access their child’s Class attendance via the Go4Schools system (coming Jan 2015)

Totals for attendance and punctuality will be included on the Annual Report

The Education (Penalty Notices) (Wales) Regulations 2013 introduced Fixed Penalty Notices for regular non-attendance at school.

The Welsh Government has required all local authorities to draw up and implement their own Local Codes of Conduct to ensure consistency in the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices. The code will be implemented in Powys from 27 February 2013.

The Welsh Government states that Fixed Penalty Notices are one option among a number of different interventions available to promote better school attendance. The introduction of these regulations is one part of the Welsh Government strategy to support improved school attendance across Wales.

The introduction of these regulations mean that parents may now be financially penalised for their child(ren)’s regular non-attendance at school.

The local code of conduct, which explains how penalty notices will operate, is available on the Powys County Council website